June 16, 2024

Take Initiative of Understanding your Case before Appointing a Personal Injury Advocate

Personal impairment is a lawful term which is used for any kind of injury to emotions, body, and mind, due to someone’s negligence or purposeful act. Personal injury lawyers help in getting compensation for the damaged cause which may be physical or mental. In South Florida, most personal damage cases are derived due to traffic accidents since Florida is considered a no-fault state. According to this, the driver’s car insurance compensates for all damages and injuries for the owner irrespective of whose fault it was.

Cecere Santana, PA is a partnered firm of Michael Cecere plus Erik Santana that provides personal injury lawyers in South Florida. Their offices are located in Plantation, West Palm Beach Coral Gables, and Coral Springs, situated in South Florida. They not only fight for your rights in or out of court, but also provide legal advice during emergencies. They provide services in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Naples, Fort Myers, Miami, Palm Beach, Sunrise, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines and other surrounding areas.

South Florida law doesn’t consider all injury cases as important. You might get consultation for all cases, but there are few serious injury cases that are considered important –

  • Permanent injury
  • Important and long-lasting scarring or deformity
  • Substantial and everlasting loss of physical function
  • Death

No matter what kind of situation you’re in, you shouldn’t handle any reclamation by yourself. Appointing a personal injury advocate helps in receiving counseling and safety that you require.

However, before appointing a lawyer you should know certain things –

  • Initial consultation is always free, therefore even if it’s a minor injury like bitten by dog, you should search for proper advice. Most attorneys provide free consultation which will help you understand the weightage of your case.
  • There are various attorneys to help you, but you need a lawyer who is specialized in personal harm cases.
  • When there are accident or injury cases, you’ll receive bunch of calls from attorneys to help you get compensation. Before falling prey to any lawyer, talk to friends and family to get references and approach those references first.

  • Some cases are settled outside the court. However, even those cases need documents and deals, for insurance and guilty person, to be collected and submitted, for this, you would need help of a lawyer.
  • Know your lawyer’s fees before hiring them. There are also contingency situations where you can pay lawyer after winning the case.

Florida’s government regulatory body sets a particular time period for filing a statement after which the case isn’t attended. Thus, it is wise to seek advice as early as possible. Personal injury cases take a while to settle, so show some patience and let your attorney do their job.