Joint Custody Of Kids: A Guide For Divorcing Couples

Couples with children often have a hard time finalizing the terms of their divorce. While division of assets, properties and liabilities must be done appropriately, nothing is more important and relevant than child custody and support. If you are in Virginia, you and your ex can decide on joint custody. This kind of arrangement means that both parents have the custody of kids and various arrangements are worked upon accordingly. For such cases, you need to find an experienced child support attorney Newport News.

In this post, we are sharing more on what divorcing couples need to know about

When to consider joint custody?

Many legal experts believe that the term ‘joint custody’ is more of a soothing term. This just saves the couples from engaging in litigation and complicated consequences, which will eventually cost a lot of money. Divorcing couples often fight over who is going to get the custody of the child, and in most cases, the court will offer visitation rights to the other noncustodial spouse anyway. In case of joint custody, both spouses are custodial parents, but the child is going to have one primary residence. If you think you can agree to your spouse’s terms and conditions, joint custody might be a good option, and we strongly suggest that you consult an experienced lawyer to understand the consequences.

What’s the difference between joint custody and sole custody?

These are terms that are defined by law, but in terms of practicality, both may not have much of a difference. A parent, who is not interested in being the primary guardian of the child, will not come to visit or do beyond a certain extent, regardless of what kind of visitation rights he/she has – as simple as that. By opting for joint custody, couples often spare the damage they do to each other in a custody case. It is also much easier on the kids. They get the best of both parents. Of course, for a lot of warring couples, joint custody is not an ideal choice, because to get to that kind of arrangement, both partners need to be accommodating.

If you are unsure of whether joint custody is ideal for your case, talk to a child support lawyer, and they will be able to explain what is ideal for your case, although it is usually recommended when viable.