When Should One Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Accidents are common at job sites and workplaces. A back injury from lifting heavy containers, a broken leg or arm falling off a ladder, or severe clinical wrist movement issues due to prolonged hours of typing are some common occurrences. A workers’ compensation attorney can be helpful in such situations. When a victim is searching for a workers compensation attorney South Carolina will not disappoint with legal experts helping injured workers and employees to receive compensation due to injuries at the workplace.

A denied claim

Insurance companies deny the claims of compensation of workers for multiple reasons. Often the insurance company claims that injuries are not related to work. In addition, it also denies the compensation claim based on late filing. An appeal can be made on the denial via the workers’ compensation system. The appeal process varies from one state to another. In general, one needs to file formal paperwork, gather evidence, and present the case to the court.

A disputed permanent disability rating

The majority of the workers’ compensation settlements are awarded to those with a permanent disability due to injuries sustained at the job site. The benefits are determined by the permanent disability rating. When the insurance company doesn’t regard the rating offered by the treating doctor, the candidate has to undertake IME (Independent Medical Examination) with a doctor of choice. In most cases, an IME doctor assigns a lower rating, which the insurance company justifies by paying fewer benefits. An experienced attorney can help with a fair settlement and convince the judge that the candidate is entitled to complete permanent disability benefits.

Having trouble with treatment

Insurance companies have a bad reputation for denying or delaying the approval of costly medical treatments. Workers unaware of the benefits and compensation claims they are entitled to are often left untreated. Since they fail to understand how things work and the strategies to apply to claim their entitled compensation benefits, hiring an attorney is the best option. A professional legal expert can exert pressure on the insurance company to approve required medical treatments timely. Whenever one is considering a workers compensation attorney South Carolina can offer a plethora of competent legal professionals.

Having a pre-existing condition

Things can become particularly tricky when one has a pre-existing injury health condition and involves the same body part injured at the workplace. It will be a fierce battle with the insurance company as it will try to blame the current injury based on the previous injury or health condition and not present work-related activities. This is especially true in cases where the injury has gradually developed over time rather than during a single work-associated accident.


Not every injured worker requires hiring an attorney. When there is a straightforward claim without any disputes by the employer or an insurance company, it can be handled easily. But the situation is not always simple and a worker can benefit from hiring a legal expert. When one is hunting for a professional and competent workers compensation attorney South Carolina never disappoints with the quality of the accessible legal experts.