April 21, 2024

 What Are the Penalties for Reckless Driving in Virginia

Reckless driving causes thousands of accidents and fatalities every year. Different countries have different penalties associated with a reckless driving ticket. When someone gets a reckless driving ticket, it’s because they must have broken the rules of the road and are at a higher risk of getting into an accident. It can cause property damage and result in injuries to themselves or others. Reckless driving Virginia also has some specific penalties defined under the Regulation of Traffic Code.

The specific punishment for reckless driving will vary depending on the facts of the particular case. Here are some of the possible penalties for reckless driving in Virginia –

  • Jail Possibility: Jail is one of the common possible punishments for Virginia’s reckless driving. The official website claims that any person driving over 90 mph carries a risk of jail but in many cases, the jail is imposed when the speed is at least 95 mph.
  • License Suspension: In Virginia, most people are afraid of losing their license when charged with reckless driving. However, it is not common in the average reckless driving case and is imposed only for higher-speed cases. When the judge suspends the driver’s license he can authorize a restricted license.
  • Fine Amount: The amount of fine totally depends on different factors including the local court. It can range between $10 to $2500, depending on the casualties and damages. As per Virginia law, one can get at least 30 days to pay the fine amount to the court. If someone needs some additional time, he/she can ask the court for a longer payment deadline.
  • Driving & criminal record: As per law, the Virginia drivers will be assessed several determined points on the basis of the record. In cases the driver is convicted of reckless driving he/she will have a permanent criminal record.

There are three different levels of offenses in Virginia

  1. Traffic infractions: This category includes speeding, running a stop sign, etc. These cases cannot be included in the crime category and the court can’t punish them.
  2. Misdemeanors: These offenses fall under criminal record (like reckless driving) which may cause jail up to one year, depending on the level of the offense.
  3. Felonies: These offenses may cause jail for more than one year. However, reckless driving is not categorized as a felony offense as per reckless driving Virginia law.


Virginia’s reckless driving laws are complex and one can face significant penalties if convicted. A car accident in Virginia can cause numerous serious legal issues. Hiring a lawyer will also depend on a number of factors. One should keep in mind that reckless driving is a crime that may cause serious lasting consequences. Racing another vehicle, spinning out the wheels, driving too fast, illegally passing, and several other actions can be considered criminal offenses. This was all about the reckless driving Virginia laws. For better advice hire a lawyer and get prepared to fight charges in court.