July 13, 2024

Types Of Lawyers That Everyone Should Know 

There are different areas of law in which a lawyer specializes, some you may need to draft contract and wills and some you need in case of defense against criminal charges. All these lawyers are different from their style of working and possess different skills to help their clients with different legal cases.

Although you might know about some of them like personal injury attorney and Criminal Defense lawyers, still there is a chance you do not have in-depth knowledge about their working and when you need them.

A personal injury attorney, criminal defense lawyer, or other lawyer had one goal is to benefit their client in the legal disputes. Here is a list of most common types of lawyers that every individual must know, to help you understand what kind of lawyer you need depending on your legal disputes.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense lawyers are skilled in handling criminal lawsuits that are a charge upon you. They get a different set of skills and working procedures, which require them to go for counseling their client from the time of their arrest.  To help their client’s case they can also investigate your case on their own to see through minor things that can benefit your defense.

Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney comes in handy in case of accusing physical or psychological on a person by individual, company, or any other organization that can include government bodies. What makes them different is they only deal with civil legal liabilities and damage related cases.

The lawyer helps their client to get the compensation for emotional or physical distress incurred upon them by the action of the other party. An excellent personal injury attorney help with negotiations with the accused party to help you get the desired and rightful amount of losses.

Family Lawyers

The family lawyer handles all kinds of cases related to the family disputes of a person. There are different kinds of domestic problems for which you can hire them such as divorce, legal separation, Child Custody lawyer, adoption, paternity, alimony, prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, and emancipation.

Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyers

Another most famous kind of lawyer Intellectual Property Lawyers where they can help you put a lawsuit against someone if there are involved with theft, duplication, or copying of your original creative, scientific, or technical invention.

Furthermore, you need to consult with them for securing copyright, patents, trademarks, and licensing agreements for your creative ideas or product such as art design, a unique product, a novel, a song, or a computer program and save them from duplicating and getting copied.