April 21, 2024

News Stations Reconsider Publishing Mugshots Online

If you can imagine, being arrested isn’t an enjoyable experience. As soon as your booking information is processed into the police system, your mugshots are considered public records right away. Most of the time before you even see a judge.

According to the Freedom of Information Act, anyone can request mugshot information from any government agency, including someone’s booking information. Over the years, news stations have relied on online mugshot galleries for additional crime reporting information.

But because online content can live forever and can cause lasting impacts on one’s life, people are now questioning the ethics around the collecting method.

The issue is not whether to use mugshots, but knowing the entire story around the mugshot before it is used.

Let me explain. Once someone’s booking information is entered into the government system, their mugshot photo can appear online within minutes. Because the booking process takes place before a court decision, many people whose cases have been dropped or acquitted still discover their online mugshot.

Many people value the right to be informed and look up someone’s criminal record, but that’s if the court has officially convicted them.

Most people agree that innocent individuals don’t deserve to deal with defamation of character or brand crises.

It’s important to know that online mugshots are not just minor photos on the internet but can make long-lasting impacts on someone’s life.

Whether landing a job or a simple date, online mugshots can unrightfully steer your future in the wrong direction.

This January, the editors at the Houston Chronicle decided to be more careful about using mugshots and officially stop posting photos of people arrested but not convicted.

Many news stations like the Houston Chronicle have followed and are making reporting changes to ensure that no one is portrayed as a criminal before they are convicted.

If you find yourself unrightfully struggling with an online mugshot, learn how to get mugshots removed as soon as possible.

It’s a common list of mugshot websites to crawl other sites searching for valuable information, so the earlier you take it down, the less damage it will do.

Take action and regain control of your online reputation now!