Huntington Beach car accident: Answering top questions

As someone who has sustained injuries in an unfortunate car crash in Huntington Beach, you may have many questions. California is an at-fault state. If the other driver’s action or negligence caused the crash, you could sue them to recover a settlement for your losses. Regardless of the circumstances, talking to a Huntington Beach PI attorney will typically help your case. Below are the answers to some of the key questions related to car accident claims and lawsuits in California. 

When should you hire an attorney for the accident claim/lawsuit?

If you have spent huge on medical and vehicle repair bills, the chances are high that you are dealing with financial distress. The insurance claims adjuster may try to settle the claim, and their offer would be typically less than what you should get for your losses. It would be rather foolish to accept the first offer. An attorney can evaluate the worth of your claim and determine a fair settlement. Nevertheless, you should consider hiring a lawyer if – 

  • You have sustained serious injuries
  • Your vehicle repair bills are high
  • You were partly at fault
  • There was a government vehicle (on duty) involved
  • You are unaware of your rights

What should you avoid after a car accident?

Numerous car crashes, accidents, and collisions are reported in Huntington Beach each year. However, many victims do not get a fair settlement, often because they made silly mistakes after the crash. Following an accident, do NOT –

  • Let someone talk you out of calling the police
  • Flee the scene
  • Miss calling 911 if someone is injured
  • Admit fault
  • Apologize
  • Engage in a verbal confrontation
  • Talk to the insurance claims adjuster from the accident site

How much do you have to file a car accident lawsuit?

Each personal injury lawsuit is different. In general, you have two years to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party. If you don’t take immediate action, you may miss valuable evidence. You have three years if you want to sue for vehicle damage alone. The count will start from the date of the accident. In case of someone’s death, the deadline remains the same, but the count for the wrongful death lawsuit starts from the date of death.

Ideally, it would help if you spoke to an attorney immediately after the crash. They can investigate the matter to determine liability and take appropriate action to protect your interests.