Concealed Weapon Carrying Law in Virginia

The laws of Virginia make it illegal for a person to carry concealed weapons, guns, bowie knives outside of the person’s property or home. This requires the person to acquire a valid concealed carry permit from the state otherwise the person shall be pressed with concealed weapons charges Virginia.

Why is it illegal to carry concealed weapons in Virginia?

Virginia is an open-carry state which specifically indicates that people are allowed to carry weapons or handguns if it is visible, however carrying concealed weapons is illegal and thus, requires permission or ‘permit’. Under Virginia Code §18.2-308, a person who carries a concealed handgun in Virginia without permission, or who has a concealed handgun permit but breaches certain limits, can be guilty of carrying a concealed weapon, and thus, such person shall be liable under concealed weapons charges in Virginia. The statute has been broadly interpreted to be inclusive of a variety of different concealed weapons. Such weapons can be razors, guns, pistols, knives, revolvers, slingshots, etc.

Who can carry Concealed weapons?

The code §18.2-308 is infringed when a person carries a weapon that is not visible with a general observation. The process of applying for carrying a concealed weapon in Virginia is by filing a petition with the Circuit Court. It is a criminal violation to carry concealed weapons without a valid permit.However, it is quintessential to note that there are certain exceptions to this rule. Specific people are authorized to carry a hidden weapon;however, this requires a permit and without one, it is illegal.

Exception to the Rule

The people who have permits for carrying concealed weapons however cannot carry one in public when they are under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances(Va. Code 18.2-308.12(A)). Furthermore, such persons are also prohibited from carrying any concealed weapon and entering the premises of any establishment that serves alcohol or consumes such beverages (Va. Code 18.2-308.012(B)).

Evidence and Repercussions of a Concealed Weapon in Virginia

If a person is accused of breaching a federal statute involving guns or of using a firearm illegally whilst infringing a federal statute, they will be tried in federal court.In order to convict someone for concealed weapons charges Virginia, the Commonwealth must show that the offender had one of the specified weapons on his person and hidden from sight.

The offender will be a charged felon based on the charge, which will impair the person’s constitutional rights and prevent them from ever carrying or possessing a firearm in Virginia. If someone does this, they will suffer severe repercussions.The repercussions of carrying concealed weapon charges might be serious, including criminal prosecution, a possible felony conviction, and the loss of the right to bear guns under the Second Amendment.


Contact an expert Virginia gun lawyer if charged with a weapons offense in Virginia, either for not possessing the required licensure for carrying concealed weapons or for any other accusation. Further, when faced with weapons-related accusations consult with an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney who can prepare the case and protect the rights of the aggrieved person.