July 13, 2024

How Can A Wrongful Death Lawyer Help You?

If you have experienced death in your family due to someone’s negligence, you must be scared and confused about what to do next. Losing a loved one cannot be compensated with money, but monetary compensation can provide a sense of justice to struggling family members. In such a case, hiring an attorney is the best way you can help yourself. 

While hiring an attorney may seem like an expensive option to some, not hiring one can be even more costly for you in the long run. An attorney can protect your rights, prevent you from making mistakes, and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer near me today. 

A professional understands the true value of your wrongful death case.

As someone with little knowledge of the law and no experience with wrongful death cases, you may not fully understand how much your claim is worth. Insurance companies and the other party’s attorneys may take advantage of this factor when they see you with no attorney by your side. This makes you vulnerable to their dirty tricks. 

A wrongful death attorney has extensive knowledge and experience, and they understand the true value of your wrongful death claim. They can evaluate your damages and create an estimate of how much you require to cover your losses. A professional can also help you recover the amount you deserve and nothing less. 

Non-economic damages are difficult to obtain 

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to hire an attorney for your wrongful death claim is because they can get non-economic damages for you, which are otherwise difficult to obtain. These intangible damages are not physical and cannot be calculated, like medical bills and car repair costs. 

Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, loss of a companion, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, etc. These are concerned with how the accident has affected the mental and emotional health of the victim rather than their physical health. 

Do you want to punish the defendant?

Losing a family member or a friend is not easy, especially if they died due to the negligence of another party. In some cases, the deceased’s family may want to punish the defendant for engaging in such acts that led to the death of a person. 

If you want to hold the party accountable for particularly egregious behavior and warn them never to get involved in similar actions again, you can also file for punitive damages. Again, this is something that is easily achievable with the help of an experienced attorney.