July 13, 2024

Tips To Find The Best Lawyer For Your Zantac Case

If you’re considering filing a lawsuit over matters related to health problems (eg: cancer from Ranitidine/Zantac), it’s important for you to find the right lawyer who can do justice to your case & provide a desired outcome. More & more lawsuits are being filed these days alleging that zantac contains a dangerous level of carcinogen that leads to cancer & other dangerous diseases. Not just that, the manufacturers of these products spend a lot of time on study & research so that they can defend themselves correctly in court. This is one of the major reasons why having a lawyer is crucial for you & if you’re wondering how to get started with that, let us give you the lead.

Starting Your Search

Online resources are generally a great starting point. They will put together a proper list of potential candidates you might consider getting in touch with when you’re searching for a proper attorney to handle your lawsuit. Asking someone to refer an attorney is also an ideal way to find help. However, the truth is that most people don’t have a proper network when it comes to finding the best lawyers.

Always remember that you aren’t just finding someone who has experience in handling lawsuits, but you are finding someone you could trust & someone you feel most comfortable with. Most state bar associations generally have websites that let you look up lawyers & get information on whether they have any relevant experience related to any discipline.

Important Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

Regardless of whether you are speaking to a lawyer over a call or meeting them in person about your zantac lawsuit, make sure to ask them to these questions.

–          How many years of experience do they have as lawyers?

–          What percentage consists of injury cases?

–          Have they worked on Ranitidine cases or cases related to medications before?

–          How successful is he/she in his cases?

–          Do they represent plaintiffs or defendants? The reason why you should ask this question is because many lawyers have experience in cases of personal injury but have been lawyers only for defendants. Acting as an advocate for plaintiffs who have endured trauma is not the same as supporting a client in order to avoid liability.

–          How are you going to pay your lawyer? Most personal injury lawyers are paid once the plaintiff is compensated through trials & settlements. Generally they take a certain percentage of the whole sum.

How much does it cost to hire a Zantac attorney?

Getting yourself a lawyer to represent you in a Zantac case will most probably cost you nothing. Some attorneys also represent on a contingency basis that also means that

–          You won’t have to pay money out of your pocket

–          You’d only pay a fee only when the attorney gets proper compensation

–          It ultimately doesn’t cost anything for the service

If you’re keen on hiring a lawyer because you think your loved one or you developed cancer due to a medication that contained ranitidine, then you must go ahead & do so & it should not cost you a penny at all.

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