June 16, 2024

Start up visa- The easiest way to get a permanent residence in Canada

This is an era, when various countries are offering a different program to influence people for making investments in their economy. Among all, the Canada is one of the top destinations which is desired by most of the people. If you are having a little interest in settling in Canada and are having a business idea, then a canada start up visa  is the best program for you. The program is opened for international entrepreneurs, and it will give them a chance to get a permanent residence within a time period of 12-18 months.

 This is really a great opportunity for those who want to make a big change in their life without utilizing much of their efforts.

How to get qualified for the visa requirements?

The most essential part is that you have a business which is offering a great benefit to the Canadian economy, and only then you can move through the further processing.  You must get a proper commitment from the organization where you are having almost a 10% hold on the total share of the company. Even the organization and the applicant of Canada entrepreneur visa should jointly hold more than 50% of voting right attached to the outstanding shares of the company.

Obtain a support letter from the designated business organization

For getting enrolled for the entrepreneur visa Canada, you need to get a support letter form the any of the designated organizations located in Canada. It would be difficult for you to attain the letter. So you should get an assistance form the JTH lawyers who have great links with the organizations. They will charge a reasonable amount of fees and will offer you great service to have a lineant processing of your visa application.

Conditions to be fulfilled at the time of permanent residence

  • Once you have got the permanent residence, you have to provide them a clear detail about the management of their organization. You need to make sure that it is active and currently ongoing from within Canada. If it is managed by any other country, then you will be able to proceed further, so be careful and then make a move.
  • The other crucial part is that all the essential operations of the business to be held in Canada. If you are thinking that you will show a report of minor operations and the task of business being held in Canada, then you will not qualify. You should have a clear focus on this essential if you want to prevent any kind of hindrance in processing in the future.
  • The business should not be corporate in any other location rather than Pan Canada. You will only get qualified if you have reports of your business getting incorporated in the province of Canada. Thus, once you will have the incorporation reports, then there will be more smoothness in the overall processing.

Thus, you should not forget to focus on the details mentioned in the above lines as they will be very assistive for you.