April 21, 2024

Red Light Accidents and their Causes

Red light accidents are common in intersections where roads meet and switch between lanes. Red lights help maintain a smooth flow of traffic by ensuring that vehicles from competing directions do not collide when they enter the intersection. Traffic laws require motorists to stop at red lights and remain there until the lights turn green.

In some situations, drivers may fail to stop at a red light, which may lead to a red light accident. Drivers under the influence of drugs have impaired judgment and do not pay attention to the traffic lights. Drivers who violate traffic laws are legally liable when accidents occur as a result of their negligence.

Who is liable in red light accidents?

In the event of accidents, negligent drivers are held liable for the outcome. The affected parties can prove negligence by presenting evidence that the driver behaved carelessly. Running a red light is carelessness, and the offender should be held accountable for any losses and damages.

The affected parties can also prove a claim against the motorist who caused the accident. They may get compensation for any damages caused upon showing that the cause of the accident was a violation of traffic rules by the driver. Working with an injury lawyer will help you determine the liable party in a red light accident.

Causes of red light accidents

The common things on roads that lead to fatal road accidents include the following;

Intoxicated driving

Driving when intoxicated with alcohol and other drugs is the leading cause of accidents. Drugs affect your judgment, and this could make you violate traffic laws, resulting in serious accidents. Your vision is affected by drinking, and it also reduces concentration. It makes motorists have heightened confidence that causes them to take risks such as joining red light intersections.

The risk of causing accidents increases with the concentration of the substances in the blood. The higher the level of intoxication, the more likely you are to cause an accident. It is recommended to avoid driving when drunk. You may consider hiring a driver or using other means to get to your destination when under the influence of drugs.

Over speeding

Many drivers want to achieve infinity in speed, which can be dangerous since there are other vehicles on the road. High speeds increase the risk of accidents and the severity of injuries. A driver at high speed may not observe traffic signals and may end up attending intersections at speed, causing fatal red light accidents. Slow-moving vehicles can stop immediately, unlike fast-moving vehicles that take a long time to come to a halt.

Vehicles moving at high speed will have a greater impact when they crash, which causes greater damage in an accident. The ability to make a correct judgment on approaching objects is reduced, and such errors can lead to fatal accidents.

Red light jumping

Some drivers may decide to jump the intersections to save time. Some motorists believe that stopping at red signals is a waste of time and fuel. Jumping the red lights puts the life of a driver in danger as well as that of other road users. The attempt by one driver may cause others to follow, and this may constitute a crisis at the intersection leading to accidents.

Chaotic intersections can also cause congestion that may cause unnecessary traffic and delays on roads. Motorists who jump the intersection do so at high speed, which affects the ability to make the right calculations, causing accidents.

Red light accidents are very common but can be avoided by adhering to traffic signals. It is advisable to observe the set road use regulations to enhance safety for all road users.