July 13, 2024

Is Your Lawyer Refusing To Take Your Case?

When you get into a car accident, your first thought may be to call an attorney and discuss your case with them. However, things can become confusing when a lawyer refuses to take your case. Usually, lawyers are happily ready to accept cases and fight for your compensation. But, there are certain factors that can make your case seem unattractive to a legal professional. 

A good lawyer will genuinely want to help you. If the most helpful action in your situation is not to file a claim, then your lawyer will suggest you do so. They won’t give you false hopes of winning when there are clearly no chances of recovering compensation. Speak to a Richardson Personal Injury Attorney and understand your legal options. 

Reasons why your lawyer may refuse to take your case 

  • Trouble establishing liability. 

The most important element in a personal injury case is establishing liability by proving the four elements of negligence. Unless you gather and present solid evidence, you cannot recover any of the damages. If the other party had negligently injured you and caused your damages, but your attorney cannot establish them, they won’t accept your case.

When your attorney reviews your case, they can create an idea of what to do to establish negligence. When they see no hope, they won’t take the case. 

  • Not enough serious injuries. 

Your attorney does not wish harm upon you, but the truth is, a personal injury claim with no serious injuries may not be worth pursuing. Some damages that make a case worth filing include high medical bills, lost wages, career change needs, emotional distress, etc. Personal injury cases are primarily filed to recover substantial amounts of money. 

If your injuries are not serious and yet you file a claim, the defendant may file a motion to dismiss the case. If their motion succeeds, it will have wasted everyone’s time, effort, and money. Therefore, if your injuries are worth high damages, your attorney may not accept your case. 

  • The case is too expensive. 

There goes a lot of work and expenses into filing a personal injury case. Moreover, most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, where they only charge a fee if they can bring you compensation. Therefore, attorneys are only paid after the resolution of the case. So, initially, all expenses are paid by the lawyer, which can be expensive.

If the lawyer believes your case is worth spending so much on, they won’t accept it. If the fee costs involved in your case are too much, it might become difficult to find an attorney in Richardson.