June 16, 2024

How Can a Divorce Lawyer Help You in Custody Issues?

 One of the stressful things during a divorce is the children. The question of who gets the custody of the child arises and can sometimes be messy as each parent wants a chance to be with the kids. Some parents can agree and make the necessary arrangements of raising their kids when divorced. It is vital to consider hiring a divorce lawyer in Mississauga to help solve this dispute legally and fairly. They also help to ensure the interests of the children are prioritized. Also, visit this website to weigh your options on divorce matters. We have outlined how a divorce lawyer can help you with custody issues below.

  1. Outline Different Types of Child Custody

A divorce lawyer will help outline the different types of child custody in place. These types of custody include:

  • Physical Custody

This is where one or both parents get awarded the right to live with their children. For both parents, it’s granted in joint physical custody or a solo physical arrangement when one parent gets the right to stay with the kid.

  • Solo Physical Custody

This is when one parent gets permanent custody to stay with the children while the other parent has scheduled visitation. This is beneficial for the children since they can access their basic needs, such as education, in one location.

  • Joint Physical Custody

The court awards this to ensure the children maintain close contact with both parents. It is the default resolution unless one parent presents proof to forbid the other parent from benefiting from this. The parents have to create a schedule of how each parent can have time with the children. However, if they cannot agree, the court can schedule it for them.

  • Legal Custody

This is where you and your ex-spouse have the right to make critical decisions about the child. It includes decisions, such as education, religious instructions, and medical care.

  1. Negotiating Custody

The custody situation is a sensitive matter and might differ from one couple to another. However, it is vital to note that the lawyers and judges should all work for the child’s best interest. The negotiation is all aimed at ensuring the Children get no harm. Some factors should be evaluated, including the parent who has been there from birth and the parent’s behavior. A divorce lawyer helps ensure parents can put emotions aside and focus on ensuring they act in the best interest of the children.

  1. Child Support

Child support is another vital issue that should be addressed. Most of the child support obligations are often given to the parent without physical custody. However, a divorce lawyer can help negotiate with the parents to come up with a favorable solution. For joint custody, the child’s support is shared equally. The parents can also choose to agree on the terms of child support in what is called a family-based agreement.


A divorce lawyer is essential to ensure any custody arrangement is finalized. However, as most cases are solved in the court, any breach will be penalized and can lead to consequences such as deductions of money from your salary for child support. In case a parent is moving away, you can also contact your divorce lawyer to help you out.