April 21, 2024

Commercial Litigation: Hiring an Experienced to Get Favorable Results

Commercial litigation comprises different kinds of disputes that can arise in a business context. Many laws regulate businesses. If your organization is accused of breach of legal duty, or failure to fulfill an obligation, you will be sued. Likewise, you can take legal action against any individual or company that violates your company’s rights.

Regardless of the kind of business disputes that will arise, it is important to get legal representation by a commercial litigation attorney. Whether you want to resolve your case through arbitration, negotiated settlement, or a civil court, your lawyer should have the experience and knowledge to offer you skillful representation.

Kinds of Business Litigation

Below are some of the common types of complex business litigation:

  • Employer-employee disputes. State and federal laws govern relationships between employers and employees. Employees are obliged to protect their company’s trade secrets while companies must comply with fair wage and hour laws and non-discrimination regulations. Failure of both parties to fulfill their respective obligations can lead to lawsuits.
  • Intellectual property disputes. Copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and trademarks laws protect intellectual property or companies. A business may file a lawsuit if their intellectual property is being misused. This kind of business disputes usually hinge on complex information and highly technical situations and the party that sues should work with an attorney who has unmatched experience to win their case.

  • Breach of contract cases. If either party fails to fulfill their obligations in the contract, they can be sued for breach of contract. The party that sues can seek equitable remedies or seek monetary payment for losses that resulted from the breach.
  • Customer lawsuits. These lawsuits are often associated with breach of warranty or defective products. These disputes can come in the form of class action litigation in which several plaintiffs join together to take legal action against a business.

What a Business Litigation Attorney Does

Experienced lawyers who specialize in business litigation can offer their clients comprehensive help throughout any dispute that leads to business litigation. They file civil lawsuits in the appropriate court or respond within the deadline when their client is served with notice that a lawsuit has been filed against them. A good attorney will identify legal claims and counterclaims their clients can raise, as well as collect evidence and manage the discovery process. They submit all court paperwork on time, negotiate a settlement, or explore possibilities for out-of-court settlements, and appeal unfavorable decisions.

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