June 16, 2024

Benefits of Having a Deposition Summary

While depositions seem like a scary thing for people, they may help you win your case before taking it to trial. Learn the ins and outs of how a deposition can be used to your advantage to prove your position. It may come in handy for a better settlement value. Here are some benefits of having a deposition summary.

Great to Use in Court

Lawyers can use deposition summaries to reference in court. When you have an attorney scrambling for information, the judge and the jury notice the hesitation. It shows a sign of uncertainty because they should have everything together.

Outlining things beforehand cohesively keeping things flowing. If the opposing attorney makes a point, your lawyer can refer to the summary to help refresh their memory quickly on the witness’ testimony before speaking to the court. When an attorney can reference things immediately, it creates a concise argument.

The more concise the argument, the better it shows the judge that the lawyer can present a solid case. It’ll make their stand in court more believable because they’re speaking from a more confident voice.

Better Pre-Trial Preparation

Sometimes you don’t need to take the case to court because the preparation was so good that you can go through with a settlement. Going through the entire deposition can take hours. When getting ready for trial, you want to truncate five pages of a deposition transcript into one page.

When your lawyer can get the main points of the deposition and prepare it for court, they can focus on other aspects of the trial. It’ll save you time from having to always meet up with your lawyer.

Also, you know your lawyer stays sharp and gets right to the heart of the case.  Not to mention, it’ll cut down your lawyer fees.

Breaks Down Things in Simple Terms

Whether you have a workers’ compensation or personal injury case, things can get complex with all of the legal jargon. A deposition summary cuts through the technical stuff to help you and your lawyer stay on the same page. Deposition summaries are easier to read and can make it better for all parties to understand the most relevant points of the case.

Having an abridged testimony provides you with the facts and key points right from the start. Use it to your advantage to reach a settlement immediately or have it as a reference if you need to take things to a trial setting.