Would making the legal drinking age to 21 in the uk more safe?

I have wondered this for a while now, working as a bar manager, and doorman, i feel it could help with a lot of problems with anti-social behaviour, binge drinking and other things. would the
drink driving statistics come down? would car deaths come down? would our streets in britain become safer? would it help bring insurance down for younger people?

but i would be against because, the pub industry would loose money, taxes may go up, students would have nothing to do(possibly university prices being raised)and because i was 18, and had a great couple of weekends.

No, because it wouldn't stop them drinking anyway!
As a bar manager, doorman, bouncer etc. I can understand how it might make things cleaner for you IF age i.d. was mandatory.
The kids would still drink anyway. They always have and always will, and making it more taboo will only worsen the problem.
The only safe way to go is awareness. You can't tell these kids to not drink. At least, not for many, many years.
Parents, teachers and publications should be teaching them HOW to drink; what signs to watch for when your body is saying "Take a Break!" (dizziness, double vision, nausea etc.) How to stop those symptoms developing - lots of tricks - where to splash cold water to regain control; how to nibble and sip; how you can have a glass of water added to your order - and take alternative sips of both drinks - that way you don't lose face with your group, but are controlling your alcoholic intake. How to handle peer pressure without adverse effects . What drinks to ask for; how to understand what they will do to you according to your individual genetic make-up and body mass weight, and how to still impress. How not to end up in the gutter with your mini-skirt above your knickers, or start a riot, or throw up all over the place. And so on!
These are the issues that adults need to address; not more rules.
You can't stop the kids from indulging. The only thing is to teach them how to indulge with dignity and safety.
I've been chewing this problem over for a few months, so was very drawn to your question. I want to write an "Underage Drinker's Guide to A Rough Night Out" but I've been told no-one would be interested!
no it is 21 here in GA and it hasn't helped anything.
Oh yeah. Drinking pig swill and getting wasted in a dirty pub is definitely the high-point of social behaviour.
It probably would but...

I cant wait until I'm 18 and can drink.

At my age in Scotland you can get married, but not have a drink at your wedding reception. That makes no sense to me! But it could, like you said, lower car insurance which my parents would be very enthusiastic about.

I applaud the government though for raising the age to smoke to 18, but what will happen to the smokers who already started?
As if everyone under 21 will suddenly say 'oh its illegal now better not do that anymore'

It will only mean more street and indoor drinking

I dont think it will make the UK the slightest bit more safe.

It is the 15 Year olds drinking in the streets that are the issue, how will raising the age limit stop them drinking exactly?
Drinking age at 18 is good. What the UK government need to focus on is aprehending people that drive under the influence. DUI's are the worst thing that can happen to an innocent person
i think that the kids in the UK do not abuse alcohol as much as the ones in the US. they seem to have alcohol with the family . i'm sure they have it with their freinds too I do not hear of all the problems that we have hear with it.
It will not help. It has not helped here in the US whatsoever. Most academics who have studied the results of changing the age here in the US are against having an older drinking age.

It is ridiculous.
I'm neither for or against raising the legal drinking age.
i think we need to look at other things for the reasons behind all this anti-social behaviour.
look at other countries and the general behaviour of other youths. nothing like as bad as the British. face it, we are an embarrassment to the good people of this country. i could cringe when i see how bad some of our people behave, mainly under the influence of drink. doesn't matter if they are 16, 18, 21, or even 31. you can spot the 'British' a mile off when in a foreign country. no wonder we are generally hated across Europe. look how we treat other peoples countries. awe-full.
what we need to do is get people in this country to respect others and themselves. this starts early on in life, but as most parents these days don't give a stuff, it is no wonder the kids from a few years ago have grown up as they have.
we also need to at least offer some sort of punishment to those people who act like thugs. at the moment they all generally get away with a telling off. that is it. no deterrent there.
so all in all, i think the drinking age limit is the least of our worries at the moment

Underage drinking is going to bea problem no matter where you are and what you raise the age limit to. Look at prohibition when drinking was outlawed altogether. Raising the drinking age will only make those whoare younger and were once legal break the law because they have just lost their rights.

I personally have never understood that while 18 is the age of legal adulthood, the legal drinking age is 21 (in the states). You're old enough to drive, have a credit card, a job, a car, and die for your country, but not old enough to get a beer... It's rather ridiculous.
in my opinion it wouldn't change a thing I've been drinkin since the ripe old age of 14 I'm now 22, in my youth i did wot evry1 else did stood outside the shop and asked a random stranger to get drink for me. and personally have never been the type for anti socialism though i do still go on a good old bender from time to time. as for drink driving statistically its older people who are the worst offenders, street crime might drop as this is mostly done by young males under the influence. i doubt insurance for the young driver would drop though as this is down to inexperience not alcohol related issues. so in some aspects it would be safer but but u cant solve a nations problems by changing 1 thing. hope this helps .
No. It does not address the real issue - Alcoholic drinks need to be appreciated by consumers. From my personal observations the focus seems to be on how much you can drink - 'Lets get p*ssed tonight' mentality. I don't think changing the legal drinking age will change that.
I don't think it will help as binge drinking is shared by young and old! people just need to take conscience that binge drinking is ugly and dangerous. People need to remember that they can have fun, go out all night not drink and still have a great nigh.

as for students having nothing to do... er what about studying? or climbing, riding, sailing, swimming, fishing, travelling.. and all that? instead of spending there money on drinks they could be spending there money on nice food or nice holiday or paying back there students loan

As a business point of view, just make your money on soft drinks, little nibble and put the prices up on alcohol
Nope not really i work in a bar as well we ID everyone only serve those 18+ never serve to anyone who is drunk or causing trouble they get kicked out however i was harrased once by a drunken guy on the way to work he was like 50 so how could rasing the drinking age effect that situation at all!

You won't stop kids getting smokes drink or drugs in fact the more you push the rules on it the more the thrill will be the way to go is to teach kids in school alot more about the deaths it causes and liver cancer e.c.t I don't think for one moment we want to push the rules anymore i feel like in 10 years time i'm gonna be living in a big brother state with orders of exactly what to eat and exercise i have to do each day i'm all for free will if lives weren't so much hell that we'd want to drown them away then we wouldn't drink so much the problems lie in making life less stress ful and all trying to strive to be perfect people with perfect families promoting the importance of family and freinds rather than material assests another law change isn't going to change all that now is it!
No but abolishing the 24 hours a day opening times may help but really it's down to the parents.
I do believe that raising the minimum drinking age to 21 would help. I think it would be better to outlaw drinking in public, though, which the government refuses to do (for reasons beyond my comprehension - the definition of "drinking in public" is drinking on the street and on public transportation). If people want to drink, let them take it indoors.

Because the law won't let anyone touch a hair on the head of a youth offender, the only practical solutions are outside of the law. When I was growing up, there were a couple of boys (not related) I went to school with who committed petty crimes. On separate occasions, the boys took it one step too far - they were each rumoured to have separately robbed senior citizens. Both boys ended up face down in the gutter with bullets in their heads. All very quick and quiet. The police likely knew who did it, but nobody was ever arrested. There was a "code" back then and there. You crossed the line, you died. After that, there were no more burglaries, robberies or vandalism in the neighborhood. Would-be youth offenders got the message loud and clear.

Youth violence and anti-social behaviour in the UK has spiralled out of control. The police are hamstrung. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in taking on kids who threatened me, my family or property. I'd make sure I was armed, and I'd kill them if necessary. And I wouldn't shed a single tear about it.
It might help, but what is really needed is a change in society attitudes towards anti-social behaviour.
i dont think that raising the age from 18 to 21 wouldnt make a lot of diffrence maybe try doing what happens in other countrys where the age isnt the problem but the attitude of people towards drink instead of stuffing as much dring down their neck as quick as possible having a decent meal at the start of the evening and having more of family involvment
It's a good thought but I don't think it would solve all the problems we'd hope it would, 18-21 year olds would still drink regardless of it being legal or not.
what with the amount of 14 year olds who regularly try to get served in pubs / clubs it shows they dont really obey the age limit law. Go to any city centre on Friday or Saturday night and you see people of all age groups fighting because theyre drunk, most of them are over 21. I dont think this would make it more safe

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