Can't you get social security for being a midget legally?

Answer:   That's ridiculous.
Perhaps, but wouldn't it be more profitable to just work for a living?
everyone has the right to social security. they do not discriminate.
Well, I know you could not get it if you were a midget illegally. But, you raise a good question. Seems that it is a disability. I recommend that you call a lawyer who specializes in Social Security law. Don't rely on what the SS Administration tells you.
Yes, but you must be a legal midget. If you had yourself shortened without a midget permit, you won't get anything.
Maybe, as long as you are legally being a midget. Illegal midgets risk detection and arrest.
If talking about SS disability, only if the doctor say you can not work.
If you paid SS taxes, yes you can at retirement age.
The SS Administration doesn't discriminate, even if the individual happens to be a little person. If that individual can meet the criteria specfied by the SS Administration to collect social security, there shouldn't be any problems.

However, just being a little person (as you describe as a midget) doesn't entitle them to social security on that basis alone.
You mean as opposed to being a midget illegally?

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