Is garnishing bank account funds for child support a one time thing?

My husband owes $13,000 in back child support. He has been paying $100/month towards the back payments for the last 3 years. His child is now 20 years old. Today, I went to use my debit card & it was declined. I called the bank & was told that Michigan Child Support Dept. are going to garnish the funds in our joint bank account. Does that mean that everytime my husband & I deposit money in the bank, it will be taken out & sent to the child support people until his balance is $0.
Answer:   You have to call the MI Child Support people. Tell them it's a joint account. They may release the lien and only take half of what money is actually in the account.
Yep. What you need to do, is start another bank account with just your name on it, so that your husbands ex won't be able to garnish that account.
Yes, the child support will garnish you until the debt is payed up.
And child support does not go far these days but he has to pay cause he made the child.
Its only human.
I do believe you answered your own question. I would open an account just in your name or a child of yours so they cannot touch this money of yours and his. I am 75% sure of this but not 100%. Good luck. :) Best thing to do is call the 800 number for friend of court (husband will have to do this) and speak to a live person and ask them.
If you all know they are going to seize the funds, why would you keep putting money into that account. It seems to me that they are getting separate orders issued on the account. Your husband needs to go and file an emergency petition to stop all seizures and then he needs to allow them to do an IWO (Income withholding order) to withdraw the funds monthly from his paycheck.

Has your husband even gone to court and challenged the amount they claim he owes?
They will continue the garnishment UNTIL the debt is paid in FULL. IF they are unable to get the funds from the bank account they will start garnishing wages.
I would contact me a lawyer. Seems odd to me that he is having his checks garnished and now the bank account. Does the Child Services know that money is already being held out of his check for this? They shouldn't be allowed to take the whole of your money out....even if you owe Social Security they only can withhold a certain amount from its checks to a person...never all of it. Was this court ordered? You need the attorney that handled this for you to get on it and do like the others said, go get another account in your name alone/
As a small business owner... I know I know... Small business owner?. If you are patient you'll see my point of view... If someone I contracted under owed me money I have the right to file a judgement againt that person in order to collect a debt owed. If the judge awards me that judgement, I then can persue the issue and have their wages garnished until the note is paid. In retrospect.... I do not think that your case would be any different. The contract was made during the custody hearing and now its being carried out....
If this same person comes back to me and does more business with me, and I have to file another judgement, first off the Judge may look at me like I was a complete fool, but yes I can be awarded ANOTHER judgement and YES, I can Garnishe wages again. Its not a case of double jeopardy.
However If you are dealing with a case that is filtering through the courts and the youngster is now 20?.... Is not that young person old enough to have their own damned job? Tell them to quit suckin the life out of you and grow up!

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