Punishment for first offense possession of half ounce of meth in escondido california?

Answer:   To give you a real answer, possession of methamphetamine is illegal under Health and Safety Code section 11377. The offense can be charged as a misdemeanor (up to one year in jail) or a felony (up to three years in prison). It is unusual for anyone to go to prison on a first offense--drug probation is far more likely.

However, as has been noted, one half ounce of meth is a lot, and it is possible that this could be charged as possession for sale under Health and Safety Code section 11378. The maximum sentence is still three years in prison, but it cannot be charged as a misdemeanor.

This assumes that there are no prior convictions and no aggravating circumstances (like weapons, etc.)
Half an ounce? Have fun in Prison.
Should be life
Tweeker should be put down
Big time trouble. Half an ounce is distribution weight and as you know meth is the drug they are coming down the hardest on right now. If your record is clean, you might get probation, but it's a long shot. If you have any record especially for drugs you're gonna do some time. I have a friend in Cali that just got caught with a quarter ounce and he got 2 years in San Quentin. Get a lawyer, don't rely on a public defender. They are nice people but way too over worked to put in the time your case is gonna need. Good Luck, I'll say a prayer for you. Peace.
The knowledge that you were stupid enough to have a half ounce of meth.

And probably a new girlfriend in jail.
In nevada, 14 grams of meth can get you life without parole. Better think about changing your lifestyle. You may think the laws are stupid, but your elected representatives consider you to be a criminal that is very dangerous to society.

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