Is it illegal to put my trash in my neighbor's trash can?

Do you guys know?

If he pays for the city removal, yes it is. Some cities have a weekly trash limit. So, not only could you be costing him extra money, but it's extremely rude too if you're doing it without his consent.

But if he gives you permission, it's fine.
It is if you have permission.
Depends on whether you have your neighbor's permission. If not, you are likely committing a trespass offense.
It may not be illegal...but without getting your neighbor's permission it's rude, afterall as you've stated it's your 'neighbor's trash can'. Would it be okay with you if your neighbor used your car without asking your permission?
It could be considered trespassing, since you have to go onto his property to get to his trash can.
Yes, assuming you do not have permission. It is not trespassing. It is "theft of service." Your neighbor pays for trash removal service. You have used that service without permission. The same is true when you take that trunk load of trash and look for a store's empty dempsey dumpster.

If I were your neighbor and your putting trash in my can bothered me, I would take a video of you and then file a complaint. Once I had several videos of you I would sue you in civil court for theft of service and loss of value due to harrassment and criminal behavior and ask for a judgment against you equal to 10% of the current fair market value of my home/property plus costs. Using the average home value where I live I would seek $25,000 loss of value and probably $10,000 in costs. The only good news is I doubt I could get much in punitive damages.

Now let's see. Garbage pick up costs $40 a month or $480 a year or $4800 a decade...well you see my point. I'd sue you long before you used my trash can for 80 years.
If it is your neighbor's personal trash can then you have probably trespassed. If the trash can belongs to city then you may have committed fraud. The question is whether or not it would be prosecuted. So why do it?
Let say at the very least it is not right. In most cities, you have to pay for trash pick up, so, if he paid for his service and your didn't, and you put your trash in his can, you are cheating/stealing.

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