Is it legal to own a silencer?

i live in oregon
Answer:   According to the Oregon Firearms Federation, the state of Oregon doesn't prohibit silencers if you have the federal authority to possess one. The group also mentions that discretion is up to the town or country you live in.
I don't think you can own one in the US. Maybe with a special permit. You can own a machine gun with a permit, but I think sound suppression devices for firearms are illegal.
You would need a very difficult to get Federal permit. Otherwise it is illegal per Federal law. Oregon my allow it, but a state may make their laws more restrictive if they choose.
i don't know about Oregon but in most states you can get one you will need a class 3 tax stamp its easy to get i got one a few years ago
There are no federal laws banning civilian ownership of silencers. No license or permit is required to buy, sell, own or make a silencer. All that is required is possession of the appropriate tax stamp for the silencer. Anyone who is allowed to own firearms, is 21 or older and lives in a state that allows civilian ownership of silencers can get BATFE authorization to buy or make a silencer. The ATF is not allowed to disapprove a form 1 (to make) or form 4 (to transfer) as long as the person requesting it is not prohibiting from owning a silencer. 36 states including Oregon allow civilian ownership of silencers.

To buy one, just go to a dealer and pay for it. The dealer will give you an ATF from 4 to bring to your local sheriff for his/her signature. The form is then sent in with photos of yourself, fingerprints and a check for the $200 transfer tax. It takes about 1-3 months for approval (a background check is done), and then you get to take the silencer home when the form 4 arrives approved at the dealer. You can also make one by using an ATF form 1 and paying the same $200 tax.

Silencer is a legal term used by the US government. Silencers do not actually make a gun quiet. Expect a center fire rifle to be at least 120 decibels with the silencer attached, but this is 20 to 30 decibels (100-1000 times) less noisy than an unsuppressed firearm. Silencers reduce the need for hearing protection and reduce noise pollution at rifle ranges.


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