What should I do about an attorney that won't return my phone calls, respond to my e-mails, etc.?

I paid $3500.00 to an attorney in Michigan to represent me in a child support matter. I live in Arkansas. My attorney appeared in court one time, in September. At that time, the motion she filed has been lost, the courts claim she never presented an order for the judge to sign, she claims that she did and the courts lost it. Nevertheless, now my case is at a stand still. When I call, if she answers, she never gives me a direct answer as to what she intends to do, or when she intends to follow up on it, or she doesn't answer, I get her voicemail, she never calls back. I have sent her e-mails, she doesn't answer. I have over $11000.00 at stake here, and future support obligations pending for my two children. What should I do, how should I handle this now to get her to finish what she started?
Answer:   This is exactly the situation I have been in when I was going through the divorce/support thing. The lawyer got the $3000 retainer and I had never heard from him again. He didn't show up for hearings either.
Here is what you should do, send her letter and email saying that you are terminating her employment for failure to submit the court motion and being neglectful to your case. In the same letter, DEMAND her to give you the money back AND all your papers back (if you submitted her any of your documents). In the same letter, state that if she fails to return you the $3500 and the papers, you are going to complain on her to the State Bar to take action. That is how I got my money back.
If she fails to respond, contact Sate Bar of Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission and the Attorney Discipline Board.


They WILL investigate her and they WILL take action against her. She can even lose her license over this (especially for lying that the COURT had lost her motion filing!!)
If she is not stupid, she will immediately return your money, or her record will be screwed up big time.

Keep all your records of all communications with her. Get the note from the court that the motion had not been submitted.
report her to the Michigan Bar Association
Call her into your office, tell her who is boss and if she says i quit tell her " make sure the door doesn't hit your *** on the way out."
Call the State attorney general's office for starters. She's defrauded you and stolen your money. Most lawyers really are crooked! Too bad you can't sue her to get your money back, but you can try.
Write your attorney a letter demanding a response to your concerns. Also demand that she immediately handle the prosecution of your case to obtain the appropriate orders necessary in your case. Give the attorney ten days to respond and inform her that you are providing a copy of the letter to the attorney grievance commission. If this fails to get a proper and prompt response, file a formal complaint with the attorney grievance commission, call the state bar association in Lansing and have them recommend a new lawyer for you to take over your case.
Contact a local attorney for advice. Look in the yellow pages. Some offer free initial visit. I would ask the local attorney if you can sue the Michigan attorney. Probably not though. The local attorney you talk too will advise you what to do.
What i found is if you fire them it doen't look good to other attornies and could potentially keep another lawyer from taking your case. So I would try to have a backup attorney to agree he'll represent you before getting your current one to sign a release of representation letter to the defendants. Because the defendants can't talk to you until they sign off cou nsel. as far as contacting them find their address and tape a note to their door worst case scenario.......hope this helps a little
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