If you have a bench warrant, are you still able to get a state ID without being arrested?

I've had a bench warrant in Arizona for an old charge for about 2 years now & I just havent taken care of it. The time has come to get a new ID as I'm moving to Hawaii & need an ID to fly. Will I be arrested when I try to get the ID or should I be able to get one with no problems?
Answer:   no problem as arizona dmv id's has nothing to do with arresting you. arresting you can only happen if state, city or sherriff runs your newly obtained dmv against ncis which has your warrant outstanding in all 50 states. i hope that helps.
It sounds like you might have a problem.
Only one way to find out for sure. Most DMVs do not have armed guards or police on hand. If things go sour, run.

To be honest though, you are better off taking care of the bench warrent ASAP. You will have trouble boarding the plane with any warrent out for you.
In Ky I got a ticket for fishing wihout a license and ignored it. Later I was in a routine traffic stop and the warrant showed up and I had to settle it to get my driving privilege restored. So, I would figure that getting an ID would be difficult. Good luck

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