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I bought a lap top and radio at aarons lean sale i went home they gave me the wrong battery conector and the radio didnt work so i went back i got my money back for my radio and they gave me the right conector and said if there was anymore problems just to come back ............i work 4 night 12 hour shifts so i didnt get to to see if it was working till they 4 day and i went back they wouldnt return it they said i only had 24 hours but it has no return policy on the receipt and he never told me that .........anyways thats my problem and i cant find any return policy on there website i wrote them they have yet to return my messages .........so if anyone knows the return policy i would be very thankful........sorry i dont use perfect grammar to anyone who cares
Answer:   If they didn't clearly state their return policy then you have a pretty good case. I attempted to find their return policy on their website, and you are correct, it's not there.

According to the law you have a minimum of a 14 day buyer's remorse period unless you have previously agreed to different terms on a return policy, which you didn't. Aaron's Rental is a scam operation as evidenced by the fact that they hide their return policy (a true hallmark of shady businesses).

My suggestion is to send a certified letter to the company explaining the situation and demanding a full refund or you will sue in small claims (up to $2000 in most areas). It is imperative that you get someone with good grammar to help write the letter. If they do not comply take them to small claims.

I don't know what state you live in, but you'll want to check the specifics on small claims suites for your locality. You should definately consult a lawyer for advice. Most consultations are free.
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