Isn't throwing a cigarette butt out the window littering?

Why do smokers think it's okay to toss their cigarette butts out the window when they finish smoking? It's just as bad as throwing any other trash out of your window, isn't it?
Answer:   Here's the answer to those of you who ask "What are we supposed to do with the butt?
u are sooooo right
yes, it is very much littering. Whenever I see it, I honk my horn at them and take down their license plate and report it to highway patrol or local police. It really irritates me.
It is littering.
Yes it is. And for some reason they think they are going to smell better after throwing it out of the car. Smokers suck. Literally.
yes, in SC you can get a $100 ticket
yes it is. fines range from 150 to 1000 dollars here for littering. the only two items you can dispose of from a vehicle are water and poultry feathers to have it not be considered littering.
yeah,I know someone that got a ticket for that b4!
No because sea gulls and rats also enjoy the long-lasting taste of a Camel.
poor up-bringing and no manners or etiquette
Yes, it is littering. Cigarette butts are made of fiber glass and do not biodegrade. They will lay on the ground indefinitely.
I used to smoke, (up until 4 months ago) and I can tell you I never threw my butts on the ground. Just ripped the filter off and put it in pocket, until I could put it in the trash.
A cigarette butt is obviously not as highly visible as fast food wrappers and all that other crap you see alongside the road.
If everybody just put their darn trash in a trash can and picked up what they could when they found it, the world would be a cleaner place.
I agree completely with the throwing it out the car window thing, but what are you to do when walking outside and having a smoke?

Butt it out and carry it around all day, stinking everyplace you go and risking burning yourself? Risking throwing it in the trash and setting the trash on fire?

We have little choice there. Especially since you can ONLY smoke outdoors pretty much everywhere now.

And those ones are normally picked up by the bums that smoke other peoples butts. (Seriously, in my downtown, there is always like a million people smoking outside buildings and nearly as many bums picking up the butts and no butts on the ground).
OK so it's wrong to throw a butt out the window..but how can you compare it to throwing a bag of trash out the window? A bag of trash couild cause an accident...a cigarette butt couldn't unless someone was tailgating me and it went in their window and they lost control of their car.

You've taken away our rights to smoke inside anywhere.

Most cars don't even have ashtrays or lighters what do you suggest we do?

Mangy- Pretty dumb to throw a butt out the window when there's a patrol car behind you... Some cops are just dicks though lol.
It's worse than littering. Some jurisdictions have specific laws and ordinances about throwing burning material from a vehicle or throwing dangerous items from a vehicle. Whereas littering carries with it a fine of $100-500, these other violations are generally much steeper; somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000. Many brush and forest fires are started by those morons you see tossing out a cigarette butt. Some states have litter hotlines and will mail citations to people if you have license plate information and a location. Some places will refer you to a 911 operator. And to James Dean, once upon a time a fellow like you threw his cigarette out and it hit my windshield and melted the windshield wiper of my patrol car. That ended up being a $962 cigarette for him. And yeah, it was dumb. And yes, some are - LOL.
It's worse than littering. The hot cigarette butt thrown from a moving car could hit people in the face and cause burns.

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