What are reasons a house could be condemned?

Not like an apartment building, but an actual house. Also, this may be in the wrong category, but I didn't know where to put it -_-
Answer:   Reasons why a house could be condemned:

1) widespread termite damage.....where they house is structurally unsound

2) widespread black mold.....which is uncleanable

3) Not being up to code regarding construction (poor building techniques).

4) where a disaster has happened and the house is beyond repair, or would cost more to fix it then what it's worth, and the house would be unstable to live in.

5) a fire has happened and fire, smoke, and water damage has left it beyond repair

6) the presence of any type of possible contaminate, from large amounts of urine and feces from humans and animals, to anything to could be considered contagious to the public health, which can not be cleaned up, or the cost of clean up is more than the house is worth

7) Illegal drug activity in the house where drugs were actually cooked inside, which could be absorbed into the wood of the house....which could be labeled as hazardous materials...and potentially explosive and/or combustible.

8) The land where the house sits is unsafe...basically like building the house on the side of a cliff, where the cliff could be eroding and falling.....

9) The presence of carcinogens (cancer causing substances)either inside or outside of the house where the lives of the inhabitants and/or the general public could be considered at risk.

This is all I can think of now......I'm sure I've left some out. Best of luck to you.
structurally unsound
Filthy beyond all hope of cleaning
infestation with disease spreading animals
state of disrepair that makes habitation by humans unsafe or unhealthy
Located in an area taken over by imminent domain by the government.
No windows, no heat, falling ceilings, broken pipes, leaking roof, invested by rodents, etc ect. There are lots of reasons.
Quite a few reasons, subsidence is a major issue, if its really bad then a house will be condemned. A lot of homes in the UK for example were built over disused mines and the land could cave in beneath them - that would be a reason to condemn a house. Any situation that makes the home unfit to live in will cause it to be condemned, meaning that it can not be repaired to a standard fit for human habitation.
the roof is falling in there is black mold growing inside the walls the house is not liveable there is garbage laying all over the walls are falling in the floors have caved in etc
A house may be condemned for several reasons.
1. It may be unsafe due to storm, fire, ir other act that makes it structurally unsound.
It may be deemed to be a health hazard, due to sanitary considerations, and in many cases Marijuana grow op houses may be a health risk due to mold.
It may also have been poorly maintained over the years, rendering it uninhabitable

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