Is nude swimming in your own pool illegal?

it is illegal to swim nude in your own swimming pool? I am buying a pool and I was just wandering.
Answer:   why risk it? someone may look out the window and call the police and you may get charged with incident exposure
Ya it is.
It might be if other people can see you.
nope, perfectly legal... its your property, like swimming in ur bath tub..just bigger =]
Depends on what you look like naked.
As long as you aren't doing it with 12 year olds you should be ok.

Seriously, put up a fence and as long as no one knows then what's the difference? Just be careful with the huge naked parties. The neighbors will call the cops, I know from experience.
Well if it's in an enclosed area, I wouldnt think so.....but If children and the public can visibly see you swimming nude in your pool.....then yes.
If you have a high enough fence, with no holes or slits in it, and no one can see you--I guess it's legal enough.
NO! It is your own pool..unless people call the police and you go to jail.
only if its in a public swimming pool...other than that...NO!
i wouldnt think so, whats the difference between being naked in your tub, and being naked in the pool
If your pool is located within your home limits and you don't expose yourself to anyone outside, such as neighbors, it is ok.
Just like talking a shower.
Have a nice swim.
If people can clearly see you, it's indecent exposure. if not, you're not doing anything.

And worst comes to worst, you could probalby challenge the law. However, a fence is much easier.
As with so many other "crimes", as long as nobody sees you and is offended, you got no problems.

Even if they do, you might be able to tell them to get flocked, it will all depend.

If you put your pool right along the street, and cut down all of the shrubbery between the pool and the sidewalk and then swim naked right when school gets out, you'll have trouble.

If it's in your fenced back yard, nobody should care.
Not at all, unless your nudity is viewable from a public area. A man on our local news, for example, just got in trouble with the law for being nude on his porch because kids on a school bus saw him every day.

If you're behind a privacy fence on your own property, you can be as naked as you want to be, whether you're tanning, swimming, or just being "one with nature!"
of course not. What good is having your own pool if you can't swim nude in it!

And are you wandering nude?
Only if people can see you
It depends. Post a picture of yourself on FreeLawAnswer and let the number of thumbs up or thumbs down you receive decide for you.
If its enclosed then no.
nope not on private property, i do it all the time, skinny dippin*
I don't think so, I hope its not, cause I do it all the time.
then again we are in b****** America were girls wear a bra under there bathing suite
no it is not illegal. prob have to put a privacy fence up around it though
nope... as long as you are on your own property... i would put up a privacy fence, however.... lol..
Make sure nobody can see you from the street. Otherwise, feel free to run around naked as you please
hell no.... its your pool . . . . .do what you wanna and have fun. . . . just make sure that the pool isn't visible from outside. . . .that may cause embarresment
Depends upon the local ordinances pertaining to nudity. In general (and I'm not an attorney) if you can't be easily seen by the ordinary public (ex. from a public street, apartment building, etc.) and you're on your own property doing nothing lewd (merely swimming) you should be OK. There are all kinds of definitions of "public decency", "indecent exposure", etc. so I'd suggest that you check with the local authorities just to make sure.

If it's legal, go for it! Swimming nude is awesome!
Probably not, particularly if no one can see from the street or the neighbor's yard.

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