What do you call it when you hide a criminal in your house?

is there a term for that crime?
Answer:   It's called "harboring a fugitive."
Aiding and abetting a fugitive.
i would call it against the law
Not Good, in most states you could be charged with Harboring a Fugitive. You could permanently have a criminal record, fines, jail ect.
in some cases I would call it a compassionate and humanitarian act, unfortunately it is called " harboring a fugitive"in some states they will call it "aiding and abetting"
there is a long list of charges they can place against some one .even tho they are all basically the same.
Compounding the original crime by committing another. You can be charged with "aiding and abetting a fugitive from justice" which will earn you no stars or Yahoo points. Also you may be putting yourself at considerable risk and in thrall to an unstable person, be he/she friend or foe. Instead of thinking your refusal to be a fool is a form of betrayal, think of yourself as a responsible individual free from suicidal tendencies in this case.

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