Is there any such thing as an honest American politician?

Obama just paid his 17 year old parking tickets, George has a misdemeanor DUI conviction, Bill Clinton is a convicted felon (lying to congress) . Every day in the paper one of our wonderful leaders is busted for something and thats just the stuff we know about. It seems that we need a law that says if you are a lawmaker then you have to be a law abibing citizen.
Answer:   No, don't you know about the break down of the word politics?

Poli = a Latin word for many.

Tics = A Latin word for little blood sucking creatures.

Thus you have Politics = Many little blood sucking creatures.
There are probably a few at lower levels. The last we had at levels as high as the presidency was Jimmy Carter. Honest doesn't mean capable or effective. Just honest, that's all.
Probably not since Jimmy Carter. If he would have been a little more meaner and dishonest he might have gotten re-elected.
If you dig deep enough into any body's life you will find something.
well no one is really honest and when you are a politician you want to look good so they hide it so no there is not an honest one but that does not mean they are bad it is just their job to act like they are perfect
Nope. If they didn't lie all the time they'd never get elected. The American people hate to hear the truth (if it's something bad) so politicians lie so they don't have to tell them anything bad. If politicians all of sudden starting telling the truth to the American people none of them would get elected because of all the bad news they'd be telling the people.
Sure, Trust me, heck more than half Honestly don't care what you think, just how you vote. And what they do on their own time is none of your biznesss, or is that the private citizen it applies to?
local yes. fed and state no by then politics is about staying elected nothing else.
Hey Tan Man we were just talking about that
today. Are there any honest people in politics
today? We do have some that start out honest,
but after a few weeks that changes in a hurry.
It's really a sad situation. I imagine it's the
same the world over.
There is a difference between honesty and law-abiding. Unpaid parking tickets, a DUI dozens of years ago? Who gives a crap. Andrew Jackson shot someone in a duel and beat a guy with a 2x4, and he was one of our most honest presidents ever. Now, Bill Clinton's lying is another matter, as well as the congressman caught sexually harassing pages, because it shows a lack of morals and disrespect for people.

Who are the honest politicians today? I don't know. I'm still looking myself.
Why question the veracity of AMERICAN politicians.They(politicians)a... known all over the the globe as being a little careless with the truth.There's a true saying,the first casualty of war is truth.Also you've probably heard "how do you know when a politician is lying.They're lips are moving"Sadly this has become the norm and we just have to live with it.One day the people may revolt against being treated as cannon fodder for the merchants of death.
I know that if I ran for president, I'd just try to do my best to make a better impression on the US then what our administration is doing right now. Speaking of which, why is our country in debt? can't some president who's mathematically inclined work this situation out and get the country's budget back in the black?
Politics corrupts. Absolute politics corrupts absolutely. National politics corrupts nationally.

"It seems that we need a law that says if you are a lawmaker then you have to be a law abibing citizen."

That's funny. Really. A law that says you really do have to follow the other laws that they've already sworn to uphold. Wow.
I guess not everyone is god. Everyone makes mistakes here and there. You must understand the history of parties and polititians to understand. There is a deep history. I would say just as my own opinion to be a successful polititian you have to cut corners somewhere. I wouldnt say that they are dihonest just becasue they did not disclose a parking ticket, but these questions should be asked prior to elections. This is where journalists and media should be working, but after the activists era in teh 70;s the media has been all about numbers and whats shocking. They need to focus on doing whats right for us - the general public.
I agree though.
Yep, just like there is a Santa Claus, and an Easter bunny.
I agree with you. I also think they should be forced to retire, pay greater restitution since they enact the laws they break and for U.S. representatives lose their lifelong retirement.

They get the breaks and we pay them to penalize us. I'll bet there is a lot of tax fraud amoung these 'highly esteemed?" phoney's.
There's no perfect human being and it's impossible for any political candidate to live up to the standard that people often expect. If someone were to put your life under a microscope as they do with politicians, you would be shocked at what they would come up with (I'm not saying this in a derogatory way to you, just trying to make my point.) The other side always tries to make the elected official look awful, in the hopes that people will not vote for him/her. It's up to voters to see through the deception., there's no place in the world or country that has an honest politician..
My dear friend...

The people in the and on the Hill, make the MAFIA look like Boy Scouts.

They call it a Democracy, how do they equate this? when you or I cannot be part of the process, now don't say Vote, My donkey.
The special interest groups will give them over a Billion dollars this Presidential boon doggle, then they will have to pay the piper or as we now know the pipers will ship off shore so as not to be accountable to US laws.

Bah Humbug!
Yes.... and they've all been dead for 150 years or more.

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