How can i get out of jury duty?

Answer:   It's not that easy to opt out of jury service. If you have knowledge of the defendant or work for the police, you may be able to get out of it. If you are ill and unable to attend (you will have to produce a doctors certificate). I'm afraid that is about it. I don't know why you would want to opt out, it could be very interesting and they pay loss of wages and expenses, so you won't be out of pocket.
Illness.Thats about it.
why do you want to get out of are a fine example of a citizen and a good reason why you shouldnt be allowed to vote
As a result of the 2003 Criminal Justice Act, every person on the electoral roll, (who has lived in the UK for five years) is eligible for jury service. The only exceptions are people deemed to have "mental disorders", people over 70 years-old or people who have been disqualified from jury service, such as those with criminal convictions. This means you will be liable to attend jury service, regardless of your job or commitments.

Before the Act was passed, members of the armed forces, practising doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, vets and chemists could all be excused from jury service, this is no longer the case. Although members of the armed service may be excluded if their commanding officer can certify that it would be, "prejudicial to the efficiency of the service if that member were to be required to be absent from duty".
easy, dude! tell them your a sick drug addict, and alcoholic who needs to be in a detox center! and that your personal problems are too overwhelming to serve on a jury! tell them that if you have to go. you might go into the dt's and die on them! that will get you out of it!
A note from your mommy saying you're dead but you have to deliver it yourself to the court clerk.
cease to be
Tell them you know the accused, or youre a racist, a homophobe, sexist, anti whatever kind of social, sexual or race group the accused/s are. Or youre insane, or in prison.
Short of that, you cant get out of it.
Commit a crime and get arrested.
Observe the answer given by Number 8. Add to his list though,
Police Officers and Judges. I was told this when I rang the Jury Service number before I did Jury Duty in Manchester when I told them I had been exempted up to date, due to my status.
fall down the stairs the day before .my husband did jury service and hated it
Get yourself convicted of a crime all of your own would prove to be an effective method!

I really hope that nobody should ever committ any crime against you,your property or your loved ones........I may be too busy to give up my time to ensure that you get justice!
Sorry that's just the way it is,I may have found an excuse.
You want rights? Then exercise your civic responsibilities as well.
I guess you are too young to know that serving on jury duty is your obligation as a citizens of the United States. If everyone thought like you, our trial by jury system would collapse.

Better hope that if you ever have to go to court that YOUR jurors don't resent being there....
Why would you want to ?
Tell the court that you are a born again christian and because of this you believe that only GOD has the right to judge, you therefore must abstain from jury duty for religious reasons. They surely cannot argue with your religious beliefs without incurring the wrath of your timid yet easily upset lord. It might work
Say you are a Christian.
are you a criminal, insane or a member of the royal family if not go , its OK on the jury really ,been there and am about to sit again I have been called on again
You shouldn't try to get out of it Most people on juries don't know that juries are to judge the law as well as the fact of guilt .If you don't think a law is right you should vote not guilty even if you think the person did violate it .Judges are biased to govt. and don't tell people of this right .Juries were so the people could protect each other from tyranny by govt. not convict citizens to be govt. victims .Its the only safe guard for people to protect them selves from power of corrupt politicians for govt. profit
If you are in certain jobs you don't have to do it.

You can refuse but can be fined for it.

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