Should DNA be taken at birth?

Do u think finger prints and DNA should be taken at birth and kept on file?
i personally think it should be, this would make crime rate fall considerably as the police would have everything on file already

yer i have allways thought of this and i think its agood idea
How would it make the crime rate fall.
Yes it could be done the same time as then heal prick test.
Crime would drop and I have said this for years.
Do you know you can petition 10 Downing Street on line, I am sure many people would back you on this.
not at birth but about 6 months after, yes

regards x kitti x
Yes, but I believe the ACLU would fight that to the death, I think you are right though, it would not stop crime, but it would certainly deter it, unfortunately, it wouldn't stop the immigrants that move here from committing crimes.
it would be good for crime but its still a bit dodgy is it not
i think yes but you have to get parental consent to take bloods do tests etc and i suspect many parents would not consent
Good idea, I think we should seriously consider doing it
Yes I think it should, there is too much paranoia about a DNA Database. We have plenty of rights and freedoms, if people want to be criminals then the state should have the mean to quickly detect them and stop them before they commit loads of crimes.
Hell no! Just what we need; one more infringement upon our Constitutional rights against unwarranted search and seizure.
Yes, DNA should be taken, us law abiding people would never worry about there being a DNA register.. rapes and murders would be drastically affected if every one knew there was no where to hide and the police could trace the offender straight away..!! also, bodies that are found (sometimes years later) could be tracable...if someone loses their memory or a child is abducted...years later, they can be identified..I do not think it is losing your rights to freedom, I just believe that with the amount of people now living on this planet, it is a fundamental requirement to have a record of who everyone is.
It's going to happen whatever people think
What a great idea! I think it should but with all the human rights people I doubt it will ever happen.
yes i agree.
No, it would not make crime rates fall, and it's one more way for the government to track you...I don't want to be tracked nor should anyone else.
I find it interesting that no-one who has answered so far has suggested that it is probably heppening already.

As if we would have a choice if that is what the powers-that-be wanted to do it. Does anyone know what happens to the blood sample taken from your baby's heel by the midwife?
We already have mandatory DNA testing for criminals. You cannot be released from jail until you’ve been tested.

Define criminal! I define criminal as a rapist, robber, murderer, arsonist, and those that commit serious crimes of theft and or violence. Unfortunately, there are a lot of criminal activities that aren’t violent and punishable by jail.

Myth, it will prevent crime… How? How will this prevent crime? It will be used against ordinary citizens and we have a thing called the constitution that protects you from intrusive invasion of privacy. To those fools that think it will prevent crime, have you ever thought about people that are pushed over the edge? I’m tell you, if I’m pushed much farther, I’m going to snap. There are a lot of people that have already snapped. How will DNA testing prevent me from committing serious crimes of rape, robbery, and murder? What if one day I get sick and tired off all the intrusions by government and how the government did nothing to protect my job that went overseas and decide to go on a murdering and raping spree? How will DNA testing prevent this? I shave all my hair, wear protective clothing, wear a condom to rape women, how will they know it’s me? Oh please! I hope that all of you that are for this get f@@@ed by the government that you’re obviously for.

The more somebody tries to control, the less control you have. How many women and men cheat on their spouses because they’re constantly accused of infidelity? By trying to control some woman that wouldn’t have cheated, you can actually alienate her and make it many more times likely that she will cheat.

Then there’s the aspect of criminal justice that nobody wants to hear about, they’re as bad as the criminals that they look for. It’s all about winning. It’s a feather in the DA’s cap. The DA doesn’t want to be a DA for life, he wants to be a judge, he wants to read his name in the paper. He wants to feel good about himself. With DNA evidence, they can make up whatever they want and a jury will believe it. We currently have people sitting behind bars because they looked guilty, the DA built a case against them, but they were innocent. I forget the case that garnered a little media attention, but some man was accused of a serious crime. They even had DNA evidence against the man and the man had a motive, thin, but a motive. The DA got so engulfed in bringing this case to justice, that he concentrated on this one man. The DA closed his eyes to every other person and put this man behind bars. He’s been in jail for ten years. The crimes that were being committed, continued on even after this man was in jail. The DA will not back down off of the case and still maintains that the man’s guilty. The DA is completely ignoring the fact that there’s plenty of evidence that exonerates the man. Despite the fact that a man’s life is at stake here, the DA’s pride is on the line and he can’t admit that he’s wrong.

You people are pathetic, I hope the government enslaves you and we go back to the days of surfs and lords. I’d love to be there when the king’s men come to your house, you feed them, and they rape your wives and daughters! I’d love to see that!

It will not make the crime rate drop one inch!
Heil Hitler! Brother Stalin NO! No! No! Do you not realise that this sort of information in government and police hands is always without exception abused. The I have nothing to hide brigade make me sick. They are indeed upright citizens but fail to realise that if opinions are held that perhaps make the powers that be uncomfortable all sorts of pressure of pressures can and will be used with that evidence easily to hand. I do not know what those pressures will be but they will break you. The this is England it won't happen here thoughts are Ostrich like
It wouldnt make crime rates fall, it would make detection easier.
To reduce crime in the first place you need better education, better prospects for people, to wipe out non-prescription drugs and to give society back to the people.
Make them responsable for everything, include them, give them a sense of responsability instead of trying to control and limit everything.

It wouldnt stop crime, just aid in punishment which is woefully inadequate as it is. It would be utterly pointless and just another way for a criminal to steal your identity.
I dont think so because thats my personal information, the government already keeps alot of information of ours. I dont believe it is going to make the crime rates fall and help us in anyway. No to ID cards also, not needed just a waste of money.
Absolutely not. Suppose the government became so corrupt and tyranical, that the only way to overthrow it was through revolution. Would you want them to have your DNA on file then? I think no.
I can see where you are coming from but only the new generation would be on the database. Besides this would be an infringement of our Human Rights. It would probably create more bother than good.

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