How can you get a dismissed charge ex-sponged off your record and how much would it cost?

Depends on your state. In CA, the process of expungement involves a petition to the court, plus a $60-120 fee. The court receives the petition, reviews it with or without the prosecution's objection, allows a plea to be withdrawn or sets aside a verdict/judgment, and the case is dismissed.

If the case has already been dismissed, you may be able to seal your record, but if you don't have any convictions, why bother?
county attroney and it is about 15.00
A dismissed charge wouldn't be on your record anyway.
And it's "expunged."
I believe this is usually done at the time the charges are dismissed and only under certain circumstances. I would recommend talking to a lawyer or your local district attorney, either should be able to give you the information you are looking for. You could also try the state web site for your state. A lot of these have the laws of the state on them, but plan on taking some time, they take a while to negotiate. If you look it up on a website it's expunged.
Expunging goes through your Lieutenant Governors office in your State and in my State the cost is around $250.00 because it can be done pro se (by yourself without a lawyer), or you can pay an attorney to do it for you at a much higher cost.

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