Why don't Christians kill their disobedient children as the Bible tells them to?

In Mark 7:9-7:10 Jesus criticizes the Jews for not stoning disobedient children to death in accordance with Old Testament law. (See Ex. 21:15, Lev. 20:9, Dt 21:18-21)

First off, do any of you get the irony in this? GOD WANTS YOU TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN!

If this is the book you believe in, and the scriptures are the word of God, then it seems to me that you are all simply going to go to Hell for not following the word of God in this matter.

God said to do it, Jesus said to do it. (It's in red, so he actually did say it apparently!). Yet none of you are doing it. Anyone from the Christian cult want to explain this one?

If you answer, I'd especially like to hear how you can consider yourselves Christians, while going against the word of Jesus Christ. Since God expects you to keep his law above the laws of man, how do you possibly hope to get into Heaven if you have disobedient children?


You are entirely missing the point of the passage in Mark. He's talking about people who use technicalities to get out of doing the basics, one of which is honouring "Thy father and thy mother" - it is the same point he makes when he berates people for tithing mint and cumin, useless things to be giving to the poor.

We know that Jesus was not fixated on carrying out punishments - we see that clearly in the passage added to John in which he prevents a woman from being stoned, even though that is the prescribed punishment. Jesus knows that, in theory, everyone stands condemned - be they dishonourers of parents, adulters, or who knows what. That's the entire point of his visit - not to see to everyone's execution, but to BE the paschal victim, the stand in for every thing that we do.

Christianity is not bibliolatry. It isn't about hanging on the technical words used, finding the strictest possible literal sense, and then stoning people. The Bible takes on meaning only through Exegesis - the critical study of the work as a whole, as done through the millenia through the great interpretive traditions of the greatest theologians, such as Augustine, Origen, John Chrysostom, Thomas Aquinas, St. Jerome, etc.

Christianity is about the hope laid at the feet of the cross, and brought to fruition in that rolled away stone. If you continue to miss this simple childlike hope that infuses everything in Christianity, you will never understand it - and continue to flail away at its edges with irrelevent interpretations of passages you don't understand.
wow does that mean i can stone my kids next time thay annoy me?? o bugger just remembered the bible is all bullshit so cant!
Hahahahaha yalls!!
anyone who follows Jesus and calls him "anything" other than the "son" of God should really read the first commandment very carefully. Are you worshiping the creation or the creator.
They do.They feed them McDonalds
If Christians start following that rule, there's gonna be dead bodies all over Walmart stores & parking lots.
I think Jesus was mad that they didnt get stoned WITH their kids. They were stealing their kids' stashes and toking it up without them.
Because they pick and choose the bits that they like, the bits that make them feel self righteous...and try to ram it down others throats :)
in the exodus verse you mntioned it says

"he that smiteth his father or mother shall surely be put to death"

maybe you should have read
SD...I do not think it's even worth answering because you have plucked a single line out of a whole conversation and built a dispicable argument out of it.

May God bless you mate, I won't crusify you for using such a cheap shot.
It would be extremely rude to say the least! But then God wants to sacrifice this and God wants to sacrifice that and He's a vengeful God and personally i don't get it at all. If there is a God (and I'm not saying there isn't) He has nothing to do with all this bible crap which in my opinion was basically the Lord of the Rings of its time. Wonder if we'll now see an influx of Christians stoning their kids to death for not taking out the trash? Don't think so though.
I think you get it wrong pal you should read the whole chapter not only the passage, in that chapter Jesus is punishing those rules. Pay attention to the whole chapter and you will understand. In no circumstanced Jesus said kill your children's if they don't obey.
You mean you aren't killing yours when they back-talk? Christ, I've stoned the first six already. The new one's just a month old--no lip yet, but we'll see. I'm just following the ways of our nation's Puritan founders, who did in fact have the death penalty for just these crimes. I figure they knew the Bible as well as anyone nowdays.

Praise Jesus!
we do we send them to war
You are probably a anti religious kind of a guy, or against christianity or something,

the words of those great GIANTS , our puny minds cannot comprehend,

did jesus say dont use your mind, just follow the words??

a sentence can have different meanings when u see from different points of view, and situations, and history timelines....

do u think christians are fools to follow the "words" in the bible blindly,
christs life was his message, and did christ kill anyone???

his message was to love and forgive, try to practise that..

and try to respect the great prophets, if u spit on the sky it will fall back on your own face......

I am not a christian by the way...but I love christ
may be they have also read something called as human rights.....or good parenting by chance
I think you have to keep in mind that the Catholic church wrote in that book whatever they wanted during the middle-ages. Who knows what they have removed or included or just changed from the original copy so that only they will know what is in it? I think we should be searching for the original by now, it's been a few hundred years already.

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