Whats the difference between Holocaust and the massacring of red Indians by the hands of immigrant Europeans?

Please take into considertion the following points:
1-Hitler was systematic and organised, while in the case of red indians, it was more random
2-The indian race in the US has become extinct...there should be a reason?
3-Should we forgive our ancestors, and if so, should we forgive hitler and the germans?
4-Was the case of the red indians ethnic cleansing?

In principle--Nothing.

All such mass murders --including the crusades-- were done because of power-hungry, greedy, egotistical, fanatical, people.

However, the Indians in the USA have not become extinct...

For example:
You better look around you the red race is still here what planet are you from? Me personaly 1/4 cherokee and there are people outthere that are full blood you have never heard of the navajo code talkers of ww2? shame on you . you don;t even know american history. redtail of the cherokee nation! we are not extinct! nether are the jews look at isarel the best air force in the world!
the only differences in genocide are the victims
There is no difference. Both were terrible war crimes. Both were a tragedy. Both were just as disgusting.

Native Americans and Jews are still here moron.
Ignorance vs Evil intent
By the way it's very insulting to speak about native Americans as red Indians. And no they are definitely not becoming extinct as a matter of fact there are loads of native tribes, you only have to look them up on line. What the American government did at the time was very wrong, and many lives were lost on both sides. As far as ethnic cleansing goes I'm not sure if you can classify it as that. The white people wanted land that the native Americans had, and they wanted to put railways across America, that caused great problems. Also you have to remember the days that these things took place, people had little understanding or tolerance for anyone who was not white, all were considered as savages. I don't think you can compare Hitler to the regime in the USA, although there were certainly atrocities. The native Americans had a totally different culture and was very misunderstood by white people. I am not defending the white people at all, but there were many innocent lives lost. You should read the true account of the Battle of Little Big Horn written by native Americans...Wakan-takanshala.

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