Doctor or Lawyer? which it likely to make more money?

Both are great professions, but I think because Dr's get sued a lot the Lawter may be the one who cleans up

It depends. If your a doctor that specializes in a new field and work in a big hospital you'd be making more than a small town lawyer. But if you were a big time lawyer working in a big city and with wealthy clients you'd make more than a small town doctor. All depends on what you do in each profession and where your located.
lawyer, doctors salaries are decreasing due to the rising cost of health care
A lawyer. He can learn how to steal the doctor's wealth legally.
Depends on what they specialize in. Court-appointed lawyers won't make nearly as much as, say, corporate take over lawyers.

Same thing with doctors. A doctor who works at a free clinic won't make much as a cardiologist.

Still, would be nice to make as much as they do regardless!
Lawyer gets more than doctor.Now a days doctors are increasing and even most are sitting at home and treating..But For a lawyer if he is perfect in his job ..then he gets more than a doctor.
Microwaving jellyfish is an entertaining and lucrative profession.
Thats true but clients aren't as easy to come by as patients. Plus, there are many different types of doctors you can become and some have greater risk of being sued, like surgeons and anesthesiologists. (I may not have spelled that right)
Lawyer indeed.....He knows the rules of the money game in reality.
Doctors make more money because there are always sick people. People usually can't afford lawyers they charge to much so people are getting legal documents from the Internet or other ways. There will always be sick people but not necessarily someone who needs a lawyer.
Lawyers can make more money than doctors but not all become successful. To become rich while being a lawyer, you have to be a good one. On the other hand, mostly all doctors are paid the same amount, depending on your specialized field.
The median expected salary for a typical Surgeon in the United States is $248,343. The median expected salary for a typical Attorney III in the United States is $141,054.
So, I guess...doctors are paid a lot more. And also, doctors are not sued as often as people say they are. Most doctors are never sued. It's just a joke/rumor that doctors get sued.
Wellyou have some good answers here. But the question is...Do you like helping people? I guess your stuck! Acyually it's more like, I'm sorry, I'm stuck. Go with your interest.
Doctors have to stay alert for emergency cases whereas lawyers don't need to do so. That is the difference!
Consider this: In Nevada, the average salary for an attorney is $96,000 a year. There are just too many of them. Especially person injury guys. I manage a transmission shop, which consists of scheduling work, hiring firing, selling the work to customers and managing the office. $130,000 last year and will do $160,000 this year. I couldn't afford the cut in salary. My point is to do something you enjoy because you will be doing it a long time. When you become good at it you will enjoy the benefit of a great salary and doing something you want to do and not because you have to. Try not to lawter too much, you might get a ticket... :)
In the Top Jobs of 2006 , Lawyers are at the #1 position and doctors are at # 10 position.....There is no doubt on that
Lawyers. Especially if they sue doctors.

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