How long does it take for a letter to get delivered?

the letter is being mailed to me tomorrow fom Florida to California and I need this letter by wednesday night and was wondering if anybody knows when it would get to California
Answer:   your gonna get it pretty soon, haha.
if you send it express mail it can probably get there in 2 days the most...
If your lucky, if it were that important you should have had it sent FedEx or UPS next day.
It would depend on what part of Florida, what part of California and the manner in which the letter was mailed, meaning parcel post, priority mail, overnight etc...... Try for further information.
I live in central NY and I could mail something to western NY and it wouldn't get there til wednesday on standard first class. i'd say it'll be about a week using first class (the 39c stuff).

express will get there faster, and hopefully in two days. overnight well it will get there.
do it overnight with the post office. I think it is around 10 dollars, but if it's important, it should be worth it.

Standard mail would take 3-5 (leaning towards 5) days to california from florida.
regular mail, from Fla to CA. LOL. You'll be lucky to have it by Friday.

Better send it by express mail. It'll cost a few $$$$, but s h o u l d get there by Wed. And they'd better mail it early in the day directly from the post office.
Well - at this point - Monday is a holiday
So it's not moving anywhere until Tuesday


$15 for postal service to overnight it (mail early in the day)

you might check with fedex or ups - but I think they will be higher - and when they merge - they will be Fed-Ups

best of luck
I would say three days; so look for it on Thursday. It would be-hoove you to call the post office to get a better idea. It's been my experience that they'll tell you ,"3 to 5 business days."
My mother worked for the post office for 35 years and would say 3 days at the most.

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