Is slavery legal anywhere in the world?

I am trying to learn more about slavery and its role in modern society. Does anyone know where it is still practiced or know where I can learn more about it?

Sudan. I'm not sure about the other African countries, but I know for sure that it is legal in Sudan.
No Slavery is not Legal anywhere even thoug it still exist if you want to learn more got to
no slavery isn't legal in the U.S. its been banned since the civil war.
its practiced every day in my backyard, alot of hard work has been put into my landscaping, and none of it was done w/ my hands, and it was a small buying price.
Yes in my home..I practice it every day!! Go clean your room!! Go feed your pets! Pick up your clothes! Take out the Garbage!!
it is still legal in many places in the world.
we are a slave to our comsumer addiction that has no real benefit to our lives or well being
A slave as perceived today is someone forced to work for no pay.
Now lets look at it from other view points.
In pre Cicil War USA. A slave was someone OWNED by another. Concidered property of that person. To be dealt with as they seen fit.
These people,being property and an investment, where given living quarters and food. They were even allowed space to grow their own food. They were given transportation to the workplaces. Most of the people who had/owned slaves. Saw them as an investment to make them more money. So they were basically taken care of to protect that investment.
So when 'slavery' was abolished in the USA. These former slaves were basically left out in the cold. Alot of them that still had a place to work would still work for their original owners but for wages. The,now, ex-owners would employ these people but would charge for their housing and for the plot of land they grew their food. Plus they would save on not having to supply any food,if need be,during a famine or drought. These new wage earning employees would have to buy their food from the local grocer. Which was probly owned by the land owner. And if the cost of necessities was more then what the worker was paid. Then they could charge it. And this 'free' worker could not move/leave until that charge account was paid. If they did leave? There would probly be an arrest warrent put out for them.
Let's compare...
Are the multitude of workers/employees any better off?
You work for a base pay. This base pay gets you living quarters,food and transportation to work.
Oh...the transportation will let you get around during your off time. But you better be at work,on time,the next day. If you don't have a means to get to work on their schedule? You don't have a job. Right?
Now if this pay does not meet your needs to live? You can open charge accounts. Be it loans from the bank or a credit card. The main assets of the bank or credit card(which is backed by a bank) is the companies that put their money into them. Your employer most likely. So the companies now control your charge accounts/loans. Because they control the banks.
You don't get arrested for leaving. Unless you start writing bad checks. And if you don't pay your bills you get a bad credit report that prevents you from getting any more until the old credit is payed. Your utilities are cut off or your house is forclosed on. You are basically put out in the cold. And back to "Who is in control of the banks?" Your employer or a group of employers/businesses.
Even if you come up with some way to get out of this. It will not be without a fight. Say you invent something. You first have to get a patent. This gives the big corperations time to view it and steal it if it is a big money maker.
If they deem it as something that they view as not profitable. They will let it pass for patent. If that invention does make you money then someone will come up with a suit of patent enfringment. Or the big companies will come up with something simular but not enfringeing on your patent and under sell you. Or have it made in one of their third world factories. And sold cheap to kill your market.
If you start making a living through means that did not take you through the common paths. Then the government will look into your dealings as a possible drug dealer or like.
Here they can freeze your accounts. Confiscate your property and keep you tied up in costly court proceedings.
You will probly have to file bankrupcy before any court will release your assets. Just because you did not want to follow the rules.
If you win the lottery? You have to pay half in taxes.
Back to slavery.
The slaves of old sometimes had to wear chains. That way the slaves could not run off and the owners would know right where they are.
Is this not unlike company required pagers and/or cell phones?
Or even your PC at home?
We don't have chains of iron today. But a chain of any make is still a chain.
So you tell me if slavery exists today.

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