Is signing your name with a red Pen valid?

Hello, my friend told me that if I sign a document with a red pen, it is void because red pens aren't acceptable, is this true? If so, are there any other colors of pen that aren't legal as well?
Answer:   black & dark blue are the most accepted upon legal documents
You could sign it with a purple crayon and it's still legal.
No, and it doesn't have to be legible either.
On legal documents, black and blue are required. Most colors but these two, do not come out good when making a copy, this is probably the reason why.
it all depends on the document you are signing. with signing checks for example some banks don't want red because they can't read it clearly and it's also not professional in their eyes. most places though don't have a problem with you signing a receipt/voucher with red ink because as long as they have your signature they have your money.
Hard to say for sure. What I do know is that most companies today only accept black ink. They won't even allow blue ink. However, I have known of some people to sign a check with red ink and have it accepted by the bank.
That is a rumor, because many places used to ask that you not use red pen.
The old copy machines had more trouble photo-copying red text than blue or black.

But red is still plenty legal. And I don't think any businesses care anymore if you sign in a different color or not.
Your signature is what makes the contract or any other document valid. The color of the ink is just a convenience for whoever wants the document. Red ink doesn't photo copy well.
Your friend was not correct. The color of the pen, or the color of the ink, are irrelevant to the validity of the document. There is no law in my state (California), and no law in any state or Federal law that I know of that makes a document "void" if signed with a red pen. (or any other color).

If it would be challenged in court, the judge would look to the intent of the parties. If the original was intended as a valid, binding agreement, for example, it would definitely be upheld. It could be in ink, pencil, crayon, or fingerpaint, or mud, for that matter. And of any color at all. As long as it could be recognized, it would be valid.

Your friend might mean that some legal documents may be required to be in black or blue ink, because red colored ink does not photocopy well. But there are new photocopy machines that will copy red as well as the other colors, so that is not a major issue any more. If there are some regulations, to my knowledge they don't affect the validity of the document, or the signature.

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