How can i cheat a criminal background check?

Answer:   you can't! you may as well fess up a future employer before they find out about it.
Can you hack a computer?
"This is not the background you are looking for"
You would have to have a false ID. The ID itself would have to be a genuine false ID; not just something printed up. Other wise it would not check out on a cumputer.
If I told you this, I'd be as bad as you!
How much is worth to you?
By not being a criminal for 5 years.

Stop cheating the system, learn from mistakes instead of going around them.
Find a Mexican and steal his ID.
I'd recommend becoming a jedi and learning mind control.
Oh.. Someone already quoted it...
find a friend of the same age and use there details in the check.
Once they take your fingerprints there is little you can do. The local police will contact the county then the state and then the federal data bases - they will all run your prints and that's that. I work with children in Florida and I have to have background checks done regularly - It really is done on your fingerprints and that is that. Some employers will hire you anyway if your application matches the background check. But you are in deep trouble if you lied on your application and the background check finds it. Good luck -k-
You can't.
You can't. Unless you have access to a super computer and someone that is incredibly good at hacking into a network. Or make a friend taht works at all the major credit/criminal agencies and get them to do it for you. Of course if either of you get caught your criminal background will be even worse. And you'll probably go to jail for something stupid like fraud.....but hey....if you succeed you'll make history........
There's no way around it. The best approach is to be up front and admit your criminal history. This proactive approach has several advantages. It makes you look honest. It makes you look as if you would do anything to get this job. It gives you a chance to explain the circumstances ("I was a stupid 18-year-old who make a mistake"). It gives you the opportunity to show how you have changed your life and are looking to make a new beginning. In other words, you have a great deal more to gain by 'fessing up than by trying to hide something they are going to find anyway.
Don't !
Ive Researched And Researched For This Same ? B4... There Is No Answer Except What Someone Else Has Said A Stolen Indent Name And SN Gotta Match Up And Some How U Got To Get A Pic ID In That Cost You A Lot Of Money...You Can Pay A Lawyer And See If You Can Get It Removed Or Locked...Its Near Impossible To Get A Job Wit A Felony Mine Is 5 Yrs Old I Was 18 Never Been In Trouble Since Have A Family Now And Descent Jobs Passed Min Wage Still Wont Hire Me...Good Luck Man If You Find The Answer Hit Me Up LOL...

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