One of my neighbors is impossible, we do not get along. She placed a note in my mailbox.?

I have requested that she not knock on my door and if she has any issues with me to communicate through her lawyer if she is taking me to court. (we are in argument over our kids, long story short) She put a note in my mailbox. my question is, wouldn't that be against the law for her to put anything in my mailbox?
Answer:   Please take zero advise from this forum. Call a lawyer or city hall. I have a neighbor who watches our kids play, I found out there is not much you can do but just be nice grin and bare it.
No, unless the mailbox was damaged, but since it wasn't sent in the mail, you can deny knowledge of it.
Yes, it is indeed against federal law for her to do so. If you wish to do something about it, you need to contact your postmaster general and report the incident to the postmaster. There is a specific process you must go through, and the post office will seize the note. She has indeed broken federal law by placing the note in your mailbox.
No, unless she's tampering with your mail or soliciting. But, what is your issue with her? Why don't you figure out a way to fix things or move.
It used to be illegal for anyone but a Fed postman to put anything in your mailbox—that's why we have all the door knob between the doors junk mail..
I would not think so, but to be sure call the postmaster gen., he will be able to tell u for sure
What are you trying to do...Just find any reason to sue someone??? Putting a note in your neighbors mail box is not against the law...I say take Her to court and see if you can have them give Her the death penalty for it...That will teach Her...Oh my gosh what will She do next ???
You should ask your postmaster or the police, I was under the impression that your mailbox was for: stamped mail only.
Do everyone a favor, especially your children, and do not pursue any legal action to your neighbor for writing you. It sounds like she is doing her part to not provoke any more hostility by using the written word in lieu of an in person confrontation.
It would depend on whether you have an outside mailbox or a slot in your door. If you have the former, she would be violating the law if she didn't put a postage stamp on the envelope; if it is a door slot, it is permitted. At minumum, she owes the post office of a stamp - at maximum she could be peeking at and possibly tampering with your mail if you have a mailbox.

If she did put it in an actual mailbox, you can file a complaint against her on the's website, but they will likely not do much of anything about it.

As she is a neighbor and you are in a dispute, the neighborly thing to do would be for either your or your attorney to point out via a letter (sent preferably certified mail with a return receipt and regular U.S. Mail pointing out the fact that it is illegal for her to place anything in your mailbox and it if happens in the future, you will report it to the proper authorities and all future correspondence needs to go to either your or your attorney (or how ever esle you want it handled). This way you have placed her not notice and if she gets into your mailbox for any reason it give you more weight for you claim that she is violating the law and possibly tampering with your mail as she has been warned once already.
Only employees of the U.S. Postal Service can legally put anything on your mailbox. On the other hand, it would be very unlikely that your neighbor would actually be prosecuted for this crime.

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