Isn't it illegal for someone to open up a checking account with you as one of the names on it w/o you consent?

My dad opened up a small business checking account with a bank and put me on the account without me knowing. Is this legal? I think he forged my signature or gave them my driver's license# to open the account. I had no idea until I went to open an account with that bank and they informed me I already had one account with them. I never signed any papers, didn't agree to anything verbal or written. His company now appears on my public records which is my next concern what can I do to rectify this. I don't keep in contact with anybody in my family and I'm pretty pissed off at the bank for approving this without my authorization . I have to get this resolved a.s.a.p even if I have to get an attorney
Answer:   Yes, this is fraud. Report it immediately. Also begin checking your credit reports immediately You can be a victim of identity theft. Sometimes this is very hard to clear up and if you can get an attorney I'd advise it. Unfortunately the companies are not so quick to help yo clear your name. Helpful information:
This is fraud and identity theft. You cannot open a checking account with someone else's name on it without that person's consent. You are potentially liable for anything that happens with that account. You need to contact the bank immediately and explain the situation and have your name removed from the account.

I would also consider taking legal action against your father and the bank. The bank was negligent if they opened an account in your name without you being present.
Make sure of what type of checking account it is. HE can set up a saving and checking stating you as a sgniture on the account if is a buesness. if he has you as a officer on the acount all he needs is your SSN and B/D and you are on the account. however a saving/checking tha t requires both signtures for any type of funds transpher besides deposit. IT could be a old accoutn he set up for you. need to investigate. however if it is a genaral check ask to see the file on it if you signiture is on tehre without you consent talk the a bank manager. becuse you should have been there for the signing and this is idenity theft fraud and the bank can be liable.
yes it is very illegal cause you had to be with him when he did and since you where not he had done it against the law you can go to the bank and tell them that and you can also get a attorney and take him to court but you should do it fast
Yeah - that is opening an account under false pretenses. Sadly it could also leave you holding the bag for this small business if you don't watch out, and you could be liable to have to pay any state & federal taxes if he were to jump ship. You might want to check your credit report too to see if he's opened anything else in your name!

How sad that this is your father - but he sounds like a con-artist.
FIRST - get in touch with that bank! THEN get in touch with an attorney (sometimes they'll consult you for free) to see what you can do know, and I would retain ASAP.

I'm sorry for your troubles and wish you the best of luck with getting this straightened out (in more ways than one).
If you were under the age of 18 at the time, NO. But, if you were the legal age, then YES. It is fraud on both parties. The bank teller and your father. It is against the FDIC and US Dept. of Treasury to obtain an account in an others name without there signature and them being present. You need to contact that Banks Regional Mgr or the FDIC.

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