What rights does a 1099 employee have?

I am an Independent Contractor with the USPS. My contract state that I will take directions from the Administrative Officer (AO). In the last two years I have been threatened by the AO. I have had substitute drivers (who were screened and aproved to handle the mail) sent home by the AO for no reason other then they were slower then me. I hired a retired Postmaster to drive for me part time and the AO tried to convince my driver that he was above working for me. I have been reprimanded for helping a new person in the office on her first day. And was told to "watch your back" by the AO. I have recieved numerous "Irregularity reports" ranging from not turning on the amber light on my truck to neglecting to lock my truck when I was inside the Post Office. The latest "Irregularity Report I received today stated."I think the Contractor is delivering mail from the left side of his truck". What legal recourse do I have? Done this job for ten years but this is the only AO ever to do this.

That is NOT an employee, but an independent contractor! ~
The people you work for can make suggestions, but have no right to tell you how to do things. Once they do, you become an employee and they can be coerced to pay the appropriate benefits.
Nail them!
File a complaint with the Post Master General. Be sure to document dates, names and such because you have to prove your case.
Report him to the Postal Inspector, and get plenty proof of you claims against him.

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