What allows the government to tell us we need to wear seatbelts?

Is the government violating our constitutional rights?
I know its safe but how can the government tell us we have to wear them?

You do not have a "right" to drive. That is why you get a license. A "license" is a form of permission. As part of granting that license, the government can place restrictions on the use of that license.
Because it saves other lives, not just your own.
To what part of the constitution are you referring?
You don't have to wear it, but you will pay a fine if you don't.
Maybe they're getting sick of picking people up off the pavement like road kill.
If you can't take care of yourself someone usually will. :)
That's right. Also, motorcycle helmets. We need government telling us what to do for our own sakes? No, we don't need that.
i suppose the gov't is just tryin to look after us because after all it has saved lives, although occasionally people have suffered injuries from them. but its forcing people to wear the seatbelts even if they think theyre dumb and pointless.
Because people who don;t wear them and get into accidents end up costing a disproportionate amount of healthcare dollars, in their medical care, which the rest of us have to pay. So, it is a very selfish act not to wear a seatbelt.
99% of the laws that go through Congress or are determined by the courts have NO Consitutional backing!

Take abortion, it is based on "The Constitutional Right to Privacy". However, nowhere in the Constitution is such a right given.

Congressmen and judges make things up all the time for political and financial gain, when honestly the Constitution PROHIBITS all such action.
The federal government withholds federal transportation money from states that don't comply with seat belt laws...That is called EXTORTION !
what exactly is wrong with wearing a seatbelt anyways? it's a habit once you start doing it, and will save your own life.
They make the laws, so they can tell us what to do in certain situations. It's not violating our Constitutional rights if the government makes it a law.
I have wondered this myself, I live in VA, and they are having a month long, "oh we care so much, we aren't trying to hassle you but if you don't click it we'll ticket. Where the aclu when you need then,. oh yeah, they still fitting the nativity down at the the town park
Governments define the motor vehicle codes. These govern all aspects of owning and driving motor vehicles, including things like traffic signals, stripes on the road and the need to be insured.

These laws are left to the states to determine, so if you don't like a motor vehicle law you can take it up with your local government representative.

I like the law because it is not frivolous. It's not there to impinge on your freedoms, it's there to help you do something that will save your life.
Well, it does seem like governmental infringement on our rights, but.

When those who do not wear seatbelts are involved in an accident, the medical costs are infinitely higher than those who do.
These costs must be paid for by higher health insurance for everyone else. Or, if you don't have insurance, the cost is passed on to tax-payers.

If it had no effect on others, that would be different.
But those who don't wear seatbelts, cost everyone, not just the person who didn't wear it.
the same government that allows the sale of guns
Actually states have the right to enact these laws. State laws do not apply to the US constitution. If you do not want to wear a belt move to NH. Second it is a saftey issue and a cost to the state issue. Guess who had to fund the rehab for the Governor of NJ when he was in the hospital for his injuries. The state taxpayers. Imagine how much would have been saved if he wore a belt.
I wonder the same thing. Government is getting to be our parents and I hate it.

Next they'll outlaw butter because it causes high cholesterol and sugar because it causes cavities.
What allows the government to tell us to wear seat belts is the fact that the public voted in favor of mandatory seat belt laws in the 1980's.
I love how people are justifying seatbelt laws. So, government intrusion (having to pay for roads and higher car insurance / health insurance) begets more government intrusion? Why don't you just tell me what to eat and how much I should exercise because I might cost taxpayers? Or you could just get the hell out of my life completely. Let's go with that one.

To answer your question - the government tells us what to do on so many issues that it's hard to keep track. The government doesn't need to come up with reasons any more. And seatbelt laws are just proof of what happens when the government interferes in the economy. When you cost the government money, the government will do what it can to restrict your life as to make you a more profitable investment. So, beware all you people who support universal health care. Can you imagine what the government will make illegal just so it doesn't have to pay for you? It'll do what insurance companies do, but it'll have the full force of the law on its side.
What allows the federal government to tell us to wear seat belts: the Commerce Clause.

What allows state governments to tell us to wear seat belts: general police power.

There is no Constitutional right to do whatever you want to do whenever you feel like doing it.

There is no Constitutional right not to wear a seat belt.

The Constitution is a serious legal document with specific rights and powers in it. It was not designed to serve as a plug for every hole.

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER to folks who don't read good and believe that the Government should just take care of stuff and stay the hell out of our way: Guys, thumb me down all you want, but the content of the Constitution is what it is. It's not a matter of opinion, yours or mine. Regardless of your anger, the Commerce Clause and the police power are in the Constitution. By contrast, rights to do whatever you want and not to wear a seatbelt are not there. You can kick and scream, but those rights are not there, period. The text is what it is. I didn't write it. Repeat: I did not write it.

OH, AND A SUGGESTION: Before you take it upon yourselves to discuss Constitutional rights and violations, could you at least give yourselves the trouble to read the friggin thing? Please? Much obliged.
I wear mine because it's safe, but I don't want the government telling me I have to wear it. These days, the government and certain .groups.believe they need to tell us to wear our seat belts, not to smoke, who I can hire or must hire, how many minorities a college must recruit along with government jobs, we have to give gays and minorities special rights, we can't own a gun, and much much more.

I get pretty tired of it. Now, smokers can't even smoke in bars here!! What's the world coming to?
Basically insurance companies got helmet & seat belt laws passed because they didn't like paying the huge settlements for injuries caused by accidents where the victims would have suffered far fewer injuries had they taken simple precautions. Because we force the government (taxpayers) to pick up the tab to support many victims their entire lives, it is incumbrent on the government to reduce the number of costly accidents. If we simply left the less cautious victim to die due to their own indescression, then we'd not need these laws. Then again children with incompetent parents should not be made to suffer.
Because statistics show that 64% of those who do not wear their seatbelts either die or are heavily injured. I wonder out of all that are heavily injured, how much do we as tax payers pay for their medical care because they have no insurance. The reason is not only is it safe, it's smart and it's cost effective.
Because people are stupid enough to do as told and not protest.

I wear mine and makes others in my car wear them and it did save my life when i rolled my car on highway but it should be a PERSON'S choice, not government's.
When a system like the insurance system can be upset financically by a preventable measures it is the governments responsibility to make sure that doh doh heads do the bare minimum to prevent deadly accidents from happening. There are other areas that should be better policed by the government like the food industry for additives...
All of our Insurance goes up because of preventable issues like seat belts. I'm glad there is some control.
You drive on a public street, you have to follow the governments rules.

You are more then welcome to not wear a seatbelt while driving around on your own property
Many of the answers to this question were close. Many just said that if the government tells you to, you have to do it. To explain the legal justification for seat belt and helmet laws, the answer is that the state has a legitimate interest in preserving the lives and well-being of its citizens. Injuries and premature deaths put a large burden on the functioning of the state. Thus, the state is entitled to enact legislation which will protect the citizens from harm and death. So even if it was just your own life in danger, the state is still allowed to step in and make you protect yourself.
The "government" doesn't require it. The "government" only passed the law requiring car manufacturers to put them in all new automobiles.

It is the states that pass their laws. It is the right of the state to do that. If you don't like the laws your state and your local state government put in to law, you can protest at the voting booth.

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