Is beastiality legal?

If I hire some acts to have some action with a bear, is it illegal?
Answer:   In public or private?

any adult should (better) know that..
Thinking of getting married?
sadly it depends on the state.
I think this probably depends on what state you are in. It is in Arkansas because we have a lot of characters down here who'll try it if it's not.

If you are in Oregon or California you probably won't have any trouble getting by with this one under the pretense of art.
It is legal in WA, only if the animal is bigger than you. Or maybe it is if the animal is smaller. I don't remember which one, but I know it's legal for one of those. There was a story on the news about a year or so ago of a guy dying after he had sex with a horse.
I imagine you'd probly have a lawsuit on your hands for when the bear kills the person.

But as far as the legality of bestiality, it's legal in some states...I think Arizona is one of them.

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