Does a patient have the right to discharge themself from the hospital?

I know a patient that was admitted to the hospital a week and a half ago... this person has a low immune system and was advised to go in to the hospital because they had a slight fever. After being admitted for this long time the doctors still don't know what caused the fever, and are basically giving this patient the run-around as to why they are there. It seems as though the doctors are trying to make money off of the health insurance company by keeping the patient there for "obsevation". However this patient is healthy and feeling fine and feels that there is no need to be kept in the hospital.

This patient is frustrated and is at the last straw. Does he/she legally have the right to leave the hospital without doctor's consent? Someone working @ the hospital mentioned if the patient refuses to stay that the doctors have the right to strap the patient down, is that allowed? What can the patient do? what are his/her rights?
Answer:   The patient can sign what is called an "AMA" form (Against medical advice)
Doctors may challenge this if they consider the patient to not be competent to make an informed choice.

This isn't necessarily the wise move, however.

The doctors probably aren't trying to milk the insurance but instead are trying to cover their butts. If something is wrong with your friend and they miss it, they could face malpractice charges. So they play it safe and admit the patient for observation.

Meanwhile, the fact that your friend "feels fine" doesn't mean he/she IS fine, and if your friend signs the AMA form and leaves the hospital, the doctors can't be held responsible for what happens.
Yes. Its called leaving against medical advice or AMA. If the hospital orders him strapped down, that's false imprisonment and false arrest. They would be very very liable for money damages if they did that.
A patient has the right to leave the hospital if they are physically capable of doing so. The doctor can sign-off on the patients orders with a 'against doctors orders' or something like that - I forget the exact wording.
But you are right, sounds like the doctor was just nursing the insurance.
It would be considered AMA...against medical advice....but I have never heard of it being illegal...only if you are involuntarily committed to a mental institution would it be illegal...
Anyone has the right to leave the hospital at any given time. It may not be a run around. There are instances where doctors really do not know what is wrong. Sometimes there are no known reasons, sometimes it may be something that is rare they are not use to, and new diseases do happen. I had a friend who lost her little girl, but it took 3 hospitals to figure out what was wrong with her. Several possibilities.
The hospital cannot force you to stay in the hospital unless, you commited a crime, your there because a prison, or jail transported you there.
But anyone under normal circumstances can discharge and refuse medical attention.
The patient absolutely has the right to leave. Doctors aren't the police! He can walk out just like he could walk out of a store for getting bad service. You can't be forced to get medical care. The patient has to give "informed consent," and he can withdraw consent at any time.

Anyone who works at a hospital and tells you they can strap patients down ought to be fired.
He can leave any time he wants - but, it's called "AMA" - leaving against medical advice. The hospital cannot restrict or confine (false imprisonment) the patient if the patient does not want to remain in the hospital. His medical record will reflect that he left in the middle of treatment against medical advice. So, he can go home anytime he wants without anyone's permission - he just has to tell the nurse that he is leaving and to give him whatever paperwork he needs to sign to release the hospital from liability - hopefully he will not have a medical issue that needed further diagnosis and treatment. As an FYI, people without signs and symptoms sufficient to cause an admission and further investigation are not ordinarily admitted to the hospital - your friend may have a serious illness and owes it to himself to let the docs find the cause of his immune issues and fever. Good luck -
yes they can leave. They can sign themselves out AMA, but most likely they will have to sign a form waivering the drs of malpractice if something happends.
They cannot strap a patient down or do anything of the sort unless they are an extreme threat to themselves or others (ie...psychiatric care). The actual threat to do so can make the hospital liable.
Just remember drs are not the POLICE. She can come and go as she pleases.
The "patient" has the right to sign a form "against Medical Advice" (AMA) but if they DO become sick in a 24-48 hour period the hospital cannot be held liable.
The ONLY time a "patient" is restrained is when they are in danger of hurting themselves or staff members, for example suicidal or recovering from alcohol withdrawal (which can actually kill you if protocol isn't followed carefully, your body shuts down and you need medication for it)
even though this "patient" feels better now you stated that they are immuno-suppressed and it is a good idea to be checked if a fever happens, the doctors honestly may not know the exact cause, but it's dangerous to goof around if your body isn't up to par!
(that was a doctor joke if you were paying attention)
If the patient is competent, then he/she can sign out Against Medical Advice (AMA). If the physician feels the patient is not competent, then the patient may not leave until competency is established. Doctors do not always know what is causing a patient's illness and to try to get a better understanding of what is going on, they need to observe the patient longer. Just because the patient feels better, does not mean they are safe to leave. The patient may leave against medical advice, but that allows the insurance company to deny payment and place all the responsibility on the patient.

Hospitals get paid a certain amount for an admission, and after 24-48 hours, the admission costs the hospital money. The hospital then pushes the doctor to try to discharge the patient as quick as possible. So, if the doctor is keeping the patient in the hospital, it is usually in the best interest of the patient, because the hospital is pushing to get the patient out. Now, the patient may be better, but the doctor has to play it safe, because the doctor can be sued for sending home an unstable patient and also punished by the state(s) in which he/she holds licenses.
The patient can leave when ever they wish,any other consideration amounts to unlawful imprisonment and can be a very serious charge against the hospital! And the patients do not have to sign anything what so ever. If you require someone to sign something it makes their signature meaningless! It has to be voluntary to have any validity what so ever! It would be a document signed under duress making it worthless!
It depends on why the patient is there. If they feel the patient will do harm to theirself or others they can keep the patient there against their will. This can be because of suicidal thoughts, OR because they believe the patient contains a high contagious disease that is hard to treat. ie TB, or SARS, etc.

If neither of those two apply then the patient can leave, but it will be noted as against medical advice, which can effect future treatment and insurance payments.
you have the right to leave at any time. they can not strap you or anyone else down.there are some laws there require you not to be released if you have certain diseases

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