when is it legal to point a gun at someone?

If you are a cop in the line of duty, or a soldier in areas of active combat, or for purposes of self protection.

Or if you are vice-president and just had an error in judgement.
its not even legal to flash a gun at a person
In self defense issues. If someone is inside your home without permission. But that is about it I think.
If you're being robbed, attacked, burgularized in your home,or if a family member or loved one's life is being threatened, or if your safety is threatened.
It is always illegal to point a gun at someone unless you are in a situation in which your life or safety is threatened by the person. Even if someone has a concealed carry permit they are not permitted to show their weapon unless they are in a situation in which they face a deadly threat. Otherwise you can be charged with brandishing a firearm.
if they are in your house and robbing you or hurting your family you can point the gun at the robber and you can even kill him if you had to because it will be self defense
Why, did you do it?
when both person are mentally retarded.
It's called brandishing a weapon.
When the father of the young girl you nailed is inviting you to your wedding.

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