Do i have to be clean shaven to work in a kitchen?

is there an actual law that says in order to work in a kitchen you must be clean shaven? im talking like a kitchen in a retirement home, the boss is always getting on the employees about shaving and saying its a law in california, is this true, i mean even if its just a lil goat tee or a 5 o clock shadow?

It's a slippery slope, I'm afraid, and you have to draw the line somewhere. If your boss allows a 5 o'clock shadow or a goatee, then little by little other employees may try to get away with more facial hair. I detest shaving myself, and I believe it's one of the biggest cruelties modern civilization ever foisted on people, but in the food service industry I can see the necessity for it. Hair does harbor bacteria, especially around the mouth where food residue tends to accumulate. And while I'm sure you bathe and shampoo daily, other employees might not and that part of one's hygene is a difficult factor for a supervisor to control.
would you want hair in your food? Hair is hair no matter where it came from.
You should be if you are preparing food for others to eat. No one wants to eat hair. such law..i have facial hair and worked in several high end kitchens
They are some strange laws in California.

Different states have different laws. Have you thought about a hairnet around your beard? That may be an option.
In CT it's allowed. The only thing I've heard is that hair the goes past the shoulder must be pulled back.
i don't know if its the law that you must be clean shaven.

but even if it is not, your employer has every right to demand you are clean shaven and if you don't comply fire you.
In Ohio, when I worked in a prison, the males in Food Service had to wear a mask to cover their beards & goatees. The rest of the face had to always be clean shaven. Both male & females had to either wear a hat or a hair net. The Health Dept. would have been on their butts if they didn't wear the protective coverings. Ask yourself this? Would you like to be eating a meal or sandwich, only to pull a hair out of your mouth?
you may wear a ''hairnet'' type of device to protect the food.

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