why do mother-in-laws always hate daughter-in-laws?

it means he has now really started a family of his own. he still loves and respects but they are no longer center of his family life. he is somewhat more responsilbe towards a person who was till yesterday an outsider. in future her son will also consider someone else and consult her for his life decesion. and if daughter in law does not like the things that way he will ask his mother to compromise ....... it is much complicated. they want their son to get married but hate to let go their son.
Because they are afraid the daughter-in-laws would forever take away their darling boy all grown up...mommy's boy get it?Mommy is afraid another women would take away her boy...Men are predators but women are guarders...
Not everyone.. And its not that they hate their daughter-in-law they are just insecure because their son love other woman besides them..
Because they feel that the bride/groom-to-be is not good enough for their son/daughter.
You took their son away from them.
mother-in-laws pertect their kids and are scared go up to her and say that you love him and that is all that matters and say that you would like to be family that is a answer to a problem like that
They think no gal is good enough for their son...
Mother-in-laws do not always hate their daughter-in-laws. That statement is just a generalization. There are many mother-in-laws who love their daughter-in-law as if she was her own child.
Coz mother-in-laws believe their daughter-in-law stole her son from her. And as she loves her son she feels that now the love of her son for her would be divided into two parts and that way she feels insecure about herself.
I'ts not always that mother-in-law hate daughter-in-law.It depends upon thier attitudes & all reasons are different.
Not all do. Takes a while to get to love them but trust me, it can happen. They are who your son chose, so if you don't want to jeopardize the relationship between you and your son, I suggest you put down the armor and work on the "in-law" relationship; it makes for a great atmosphere once the grandkids come along...LOL
because they want their son's affection just for them.
Because they are made to come together by law. Is'nt law made to break. Maybe if there was no law they would not hate each other.
ISNT IT A FEDERAL LAW OR SOMETHING? LOL My mother in law absolutely DOES not like me. But I dont think she even likes herself. She brough MINUTE RICE to our wedding! Told everyone that she was throwing minute rice cuz thats how long our marriage was going to last! ISNT SHE A SWEETIE PIE??? We have been married 22 years now and we live 1000 miles away from her so life is GOOD! lol

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