How can I File for Expungement on charges that were dismissed? without having to go through a lawyer.?

I want to do this on my own. One lawyer wants $850.00 and the other wants $800.00

How can I represent myself and do this on my own?

If so, are you able to tell me how to do it? Where to get the forms? Protocol?

Thank you

Every state the laws are a little different. In California, If the case was dismissed, like the previous answered stated there is nothing to expunge, because that's what an expungement does. The judge changes your plea to not guilty and dismisses your case. What you want to do is PETITION TO SEAL AND DESTROY ARREST RECORDS PURSUANT TO PENAL CODE SECTION 851.8 (Again in California). If you go to the court where the case was handled you can get all the paper work there. The clerks can't give you legal advice but they will tell you how to complete the petition, just be very polite to them.

Petition to seal an arrest record maybe a little more tricky than an expungement because you have to get the police involved.

There are organizations that offer free or discounted legal advice and or service, look in to that.

Be aware that I am not a lawyer, this information is from my personal experience only. Also $800 seems like a good deal, that's the cost of an expungement here and to seal an arrest record they want to charge over $1600.

Good luck,
if they were really dismissed thereshouldnt b anything to expunge

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